Lucky Charm Cookie Bears

Lucky Charm Cookie Bears

Cookie Bear 'Chimney Sweeper'

Cookie Bear 'Lucky Charm Piggy' - Boy and Girl

Good Luck for the New Year :-)

listen to the music

'listen to the music'

Pillow with Animation, Headphones to wear on Head or/and Neck, Record Player, Speakers, Records, Box with Records, stack of Records and Table.
all with color/texture change menu, Headphones also with resize menu.


Special Gift

*** Special Gift ***

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas...
I would like to say thanks for the great pre-christmas time and i hope you enjoyed the advent hunt as much as i do it.
hopefully there where some nice presents for you in there...

now is the time to wish everybody good luck for the new year!
thats why i place a new Lucky Present with a special gift for you at the marketplace.

enjoy Sway :-)


Store Cards at Sway's Creations

Store Cards at Sway's!!!

To give it as a Gift or use it for yourself :-)

Just buy a Store Card from the vendor at the Marketplace or the Cookie Bear Shop,
and give it to the Person of your choice - or use it yourself...

The Store Cards come in 200L$, 500L$, 1000L$ and 2500L$.

Enjoy shopping at Sway's Creations!


Sway's Star - December

Photos of the Month - December

Congratulation to
Ravenelle Zugzwang, Krasa Slade & Fionna Bracken

enjoy your gift :-)

who will be the winners next month.... take part



Mashooka Designs @ Sway's Village

We welcome a new designer having opened a shop at our shopping village

Aradhana Voight 'Mashooka Designs'

Formal/Casual and Bridal
Accessoires, Indian Fashion & Men's

welcome and good luck ! Sway


Special Gift

*** Special Gift ***

A new special gift is under the Christmas Tree
at the Market Place.
all 10 Minutes a new Letter at the Lucky Present!
Enjoy Sway :-)


Winter House

Winter House
by Sway's Creations

with snowy and icicles roof
second floor with balustrade (half footprint)

44 Prims
10 x10 footprint
scripted Door
chimney with smoke

copy / modify

Cookie Bear Treasure Hunt @ Costa Rica

Cookie Bear Treasure Hunt

search for Cookie Bears and Cookie Bear Tokens :-)

enjoy the hunt at Costa Rica Sims

QRI Treasure Hunt

QRI Grant Opening & Treasure Hunt

happy hunting at QRI


Village News

Sway's Village Introducing the
Thistle Toboggan by Thistle Homes / Liz Gealach !!!

Thistle Toboggan includes:
** 3 Seats !
** 15 Custom Animations by Lyndzay Meili !
** Particle Snow!
** Auto Updates !

The Thistle Toboggan is made from traditional hard wood slats of maple stained in contrasting colors. A super-stong hold rope in red will keep you safe as u fly down the steepest hills of SL! Though snow is usually a sledding requirement you will find this magical Toboggan works equally well on grass, sand, or snow!

No Huskies required !

it is so funny! a must have !!!

Happy Holidays


Grandfathers Clock

Grandfathers Clock 'ERWIN'

working Clock
Sl Time
hourly and quarter-hourly Chime
swinging Pendulum
ticking sound

5 Wood Colors available:
Walnut - Oak - Cherry - White - Black