Special Gift

*** Special Gift ***

A new Lucky Present with a special of
'FRUIT' Undies
is waiting for you at the Marketplace....

Tank Top, Belly Top, Pantys and Socks

enjoy... Sway :-)


Fruit Undies

Have fun with the new Underwear...

Fruit Undies
Tank Top, Belly Top, Pantys and Socks

Strawberry - Orange - Plum - Banana - Kiwi

choose your favorite Fruit or take them all :-)


Sway's Star - June & July

Photos of the Month - June & July

Congratulation to

Lyla Barbosa

Santana Lumiere

Lixy Usher

Rachell Flores

Callie Joubert

enjoy your Sway's Creations Gift :-)

who will be the winners next month.... take part