Colorful and vivid

This round of TLC comes colorful and vivid!

[Nola] Chair, Table and Lamp

Table Lamp with hanging gems - light on / off
Side / Coffe Table
Chair with 12 animations and 4 texture options

Available as Set and individual.
100% original Mesh + Material
copy + modify | Li 5
(scripts and animations - copy only)  


Mail for You

Mailboxes, Letters and Package for this round of Gacha Garden!

[Mail for You]

Gacha | 14 to collect | 2 rares*
Mailboxes, Letters and Package
All mailboxes are scripted to receive Notecards,
open and close door and turn flag.
 Mailboxes 2 Li each | Letters and Package 1 Li each

Seed of Inspiration
[Mail for You] Mailbox . In Love

Reward for playing the Gacha Machine 20 times
This is only available at Gacha Garden and will be retired after the event, as well as the exclusive gift!
2 Li
[Mail for You] Balloon . Gift
Balloon with Love Letter - Decoration
1 Li
100% original Mesh + Material 
Gacha and SOI - transfer + modify | Gift - copy + modify
(scripts - transfer only) 
Happy Gacha-ing at Gacha Garden