Mystery Shopping Weekend

Home and Garden Market is holding a
Mystery Shopping Weekend.
Great designers rezzed tons of goodies,
all set for 25 L$, in special Mystery boxes.

I have 4 special items set for 25 L$ each
collect them all to get a nice set :))


Haylie & Hayden

Single Bed Set [Haylie] & [Hayden]

Lovely and cute daybed with unique customized poses.

Metal frame bed with blanket and pillows.
10 poses:
write diary, read a book, relax, sleep,
search sox, wake up, sit ... and more
self giving props:
Diary with pencil, Book, Photo album,
Alarm clock and Blanket
Book, Diary, Alarm clock (with and without sound)
Storage boxes, Slipper, Pillow, stack of books with coffee,
Fur rug and Picture frames

 Haylie comes reddish colored with hearts and flowers pattern, 
Butterfly and heart pictures. 
for the girl in you :)

Hayden comes in bluish-green
with elephant picture and striped pattern.

Adjustable for all AV sizes

Bed - 21 prims
Total (Bed with all decoration) - 59 prims

Copy | 59 prims | 450 L$

Home & Hobby at Sway's



Some new poses, special for Super Bargain Saturday

swAyNimation - sm'aRt

only for this weeks SBS - 60L$

at Sway's


It's carnival in Germany :o)

Time for some costumes!
Unfortunately, I had no time to make something new... 
do you remember the clown costume?

Here it is and 50% off! 
Clown Girl & Boy

Male and Female version
comes with all what you see on the picture
 (except skin, shape and hair)

find it at Dressed (upstairs) Sway's



Valentines VIP Gift

A special gift for the Members of Sway's VIP group!

Coffe Mug [Love Letter]

wearable version - hold and drink
rezable version with shadow

grab yours at Home & Hobby at Sway's
keep in mind to wear the group tag
Happy Valentines Day <3

you'r not a Sway's VIP member?
search groups for Sway's VIP and join us :)) 



A new and special pose
for that special question...

Proposal Hearts

Hearts with couple pose 'Proposal'
Ring Case with ring - self rezzing

copy | 100 L$ | 2 prims
swAyNimation at Sway's


Winner - SwayLand Photo Contest

The SwayLand Winter Photo Contest 2012 is over and we have 2 Winners!

The People Choise Award goes to Vikki Hastings

SwayLand Winter by Vikki Hastings


And the Jury Award goes to GM Nikolaidis

Oh Hai by GM Nikolaidis

Congrats to the winners and a big thanks to all participants!
We will contact the winner in World. 



Quilt with hearts

A special Cuddle Quilt with Hearts

Cuddle Quilt [Love]

comes with 22 custom-made poses - couple and single
relax, cuddle, hug, kiss.... and many more
(just sit on the pillows and touch to change pose)
Copy| 4 prims | 450L$ 

Home&Hobby at Sway's


Voting time

The SwayLand Photo Contest is over. 
Thanks to all participants! 
You made great, funny and lovely photos.

Now it's time to vote!

Come over to the SwayLand Park to see the 35 great photos and vote for your favorites.
The public voting goes until Thursday February 9th.

The Winner of the People and Jury awards will be announced on saturday, february 11th.



Letters LOVE with 3 cute couple poses!

comes with shadow and little hearts

for Super Bargain Saturday 60L$ only!!!

copy | 6 prims | 150L$


B.UNIQUE - february 2012

New unique and limited items at B.UNIQUE

For this round i made a special Love Gazebo

Comes with heart pattern paper lanterns. Perfect for Valentines day. 
For your garden, park or beach...
copy | 150L$ | gazebo 11 - lantern 15 prims

Available for 1 month, 50 copies only!