Carpenter Set

Animation Set "Carpenter"

- Workbench with Bench Vise
- Stool with Animation / wear Sandpaper and Wooden Board
- Animation: Sawing /wear Saw
- Animation: Hammering / wear Hammer
- Toolbox with tools and without
- Toolbox (scripted) wear
- Pencil ( wear)
- Wood Glue, Folding Yardstick, Spirit Level, Hammer, Saw
- 6 Wooden Boards for decoration
- Separate shadow for Workbench and Stool


Circus Special

Ladies and Gentlemen, Children of all ages, the Circus comes to Sway's Creations!
Tents, Wagons, Animations and Clown Costumes

"CLOWN" for Her & Him
Hat with Flower, Clown Nose,Shirt with cuffs and Collar with Bow Tie, Waistcoat, Pants with Cuffs, Foulards, Socks and Clown Shoes

Circus Tent with Manege, Curtain, 2 Pedestals, Flag and Box Office
red-yellow and blue-green

Circus Wagons with and without bars
red-yellow and blue-gree

Juggling Balls & Pins
wear to start juggling



- Antique Sewing Machine with rotating Wheels and working Pedal
- Tailor Chair with 2 Animations (change per touch)
- Tailor Mannequin with 2 Animations (change per touch)
- Pincushion with Pins (wear)
- 2 Bales of Fabric
- 4 Drapery (touch to change texture)
- 3 Yarn Bobbins
- Scissors
- Pincushion
- Tape
- Table Accessoires
- Basket with Accessoires

Separate Shadows for Mashine, Chair and Mannequin
Sculpted Machine, Mannequin, Table, Bales, Bobbins, Drapery, Tape and Basket

JOAN - Deck Chairs and Sunshade

2 Deck Chairs with different Animations
Sunshade (touch to open and close)

Texture Change Menu: For Deck Chairs & Sunshade - Flowers and Stripes - it's all up to your taste

Make-Up Table ( dressing table )

- Make-Up Table with working Drawers and Shadow
- Make-Up Chair with 3 Animations: brush Hair, applying Make-up, looking Mirror - touch to change Animations / with Shadow
- Hair Brush / Hair Brush (wear)
- Powder (touch Lid to open / close) /Powder Box (wear)
- Powder Sponge /Powder Sponge (wear)
- Eyeshadow (touch Lid to open / close)
- Lipstick red and pink (touch Lid to open / close)
- Glass with Make-Up Stuff
- Cream Jar with and without Sponge
- Make-Up and Face Lotion Tubes
- Perfume
- Vase with Flower
- Make-Up Brush
- Decoration Glitter Ball
- Picture Frame / storing a picture of your choise