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TLC starts the Year with the theme 'It's All About the Game'.

[Games] Sofa
PG and Adult version available
Sofa for up to 3 Avatars
with 18 Friends and Single animations,
10 Couple animations
Adult version + 8 Adult animations

Round, square and oblong Pillows and Blanket
each with 7 texture options, individually changeable.
13 Li
 [Word Game] Wall art

wooden word game tiles in four different word combinations.
1 Li each

100% original Mesh + Material
copy + modify
(scripts and animations - copy only)




Spotlight - January

Happy New Year everybody!
I hope you had a wonderful start to 2018.
To make it even better I have some exciting news!

Sway's SPOTLIGHT is a new Mainstore Event at Sway's!

For one month, starting today, one product is in the spotlight.
50% off for Sway's V.I.P. Members
and 15% off for non V.I.P. Members!
Only for one month. On the 5th of the following month another item will be in the SPOTLIGHT.

Sway's SPOTLIGHT January

[Rosalie] Romantic Bedroom Set

in PG and Adult version

Bed: Metal frame bed with 20 single / friend animations
for up to 3 avatars
10 couple animations - Adult version + 10 adult animations
8 texture options for bedclothes - 3 metal finishes for frame

Bedside table: in 3 metal finishes: gold, silver and copper

Lamp: with 8 texture options - wooden lamp foot - light on / off

Decor: Picture frames - in wood, silver , gold and copper
with pictures (4 options each) - and for your own photos
Book with glasses
Pot with cactus - 4 texture options for flower pot

100% original Mesh + Material
copy + modify
(scripts and animations - copy only)