Cookie Bear WINTER

here they are ... all Winter Cookie Bears

see and play with them here: Sway's Creations

have a funny winter time :-) Sway


Sway's - Fifty Linden Friday

Hello Friends...

this Friday Sway's is participating in the Fifty Linden Friday!!!

I have 2 special items for you...

'MONICA' Dress in a special color combination..

and for Her and Him a set with 2 Aviator Winter Hats!

You can find both Items at the Marketplace
Sway's Creations

dont miss the other great designers ...


Have a great time :-) Sway


Cookie Bear Skier

New Winter Cookie Bears
Skier Girl & Boy

with cap, scarf, ski pole and ski

enjoy :-) Sway

Sway's Creations


Cookie Bear in Gift Box

a new cute Cookie Bear not only for Christmas...

12 Gift Box colors - color change menu
blinking eyes

have fun :-) Sway

Sway's Creations


Aviator Winter Hat

Winter News at Sway's

'Aviator Winter Hat'
for her and him

plaid and leather
available in 10 colors:
white, yellow, red, pink, purple,
blue, teal, green, brown and black.

You can find it at Sway's Fashion Shop...
hope you like it as much as i do... Sway :-)


Plant & Garden Festival

Plant & Garden Festival

11/14 Sat ~ 11/27 Sun

Albero & Chioccolata

Plant and Garden Items
and Special Flower Pots
only for the Festival

Have fun... Sway :-)

Sway's Creations


Knitted Dress 'MONICA'

New Fashion at Sway's

Knitted Dress 'MONICA'

Knitted Dress
with 2 Skirts with and without Belt

Bandana Scarf

Shirt - 3/4 Sleeve


Knitted Dress available in black, grey, brown and cream
Accessories (Scarf, Shirt and Tights) in
lemon, orange, cherry, fuchsia, plum, sky, night, aqua, apple and fir

You can find it at Sway's Fashion Shop...
enjoy... Sway :-)


Dressing Table 'Maggie'

New Furniture at Sway's

Dressing Table 'MAGGIE'

Dressing Table and Stool with 3 Animations & 2 Poses
working Drawers, 12 Textures, separate shadow
and a lot of Decoration

Menu controlled Pose and Texture change
adjustable for all AV sizes

You can find it at Sway's Furniture Shop...
have fun... Sway :-)


Bed 'Maggie'

New Furniture at Sway's

with 7 Poses, working Drawers, 12 Textures and separate Shadow

Menu controlled Pose and Texture change
adjustable for all AV sizes

Try it at Sway's Furniture Shop... hope you like it
Enjoy... Sway :-)


Pumpkin Hunt end

Today is the last Day of the Pumpkin Hunt!
So if you dont grab the special outfit by now... you still have a bit time...
Have fun and Happy Hunting... Sway