Swaying Restart!

It's time for a fresh start! I'm rebuilding SwayLand and need space for new.
Visit the temporary store and enjoy a huge SALE at Sway's!!!
(and please excuse the mess on the sim)

all Cookie Bears 25% off
all Clothes, Accessories and Poses 50% off
Furniture and Decoration 25% off

June 22nd - July 28th

clothes, accessories, poses and most furniture will be unavailable after this sale.


Arcade - Swim Rings

coming back slowly... after surgery, hospital and some recovery I start my comeback with some cute duckies for the Arcade Gatcha!

I am still not back 100% but I try to slowly get back to work. I missed you all very much ♥

But now let me show you the Arcade Gatcha items I made....

Swim Ring [Quack]


(comes with a holding pose, just attach/wear it)
& rezable
(comes with a relaxing animation and rotation, rez it and sit - touch for rotation to start/stop)

30 Swim Rings to collect
15 colors 
(rainbow*, lifesaver*, bubble*, love*, traditional*, 
white, yellow, orange, red, pink, 
purple, blue, aqua, green and black - *rare)

Mesh | 1 Li | transfer | 25 L$ per play

The Arcade - June 1st - 31st 2013
get yours here - Sway'a at The Arcade