sorry for the mess

Sorry for the mess !

We are rebuilding SwayLand
and i try to keep the shop open for you in this time.
So all the items are still available
but without decoration, trees or walkways...

This all will come back :)

please sorry for the inconvenience
thanks for your understanding



Merry Christmas

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas...
Enjoy the holidays and have a good time.

Here is a little surprise for the group, have fun...

kisses <3 Sway

Advent Sack #24

Sway's Advent Calendar - Gift #24

Table and Chairt
with 2 Poses

Advent Calendar Information

you missed a gift?



Advent Sack #20

Sway's Advent Calendar - Gift #20

Armchair Xmas
with Pose and 4 color options


Advent Calendar Information

you missed a gift?



1st Annual Cookie Bear Extravaganza

Costa Rica Sims Presents
1st Annual
Cookie Bear

WHEN: Sunday December 19th, 2010
WHERE: Costa Rica Sims Snow Globe
PERFORMER: Live Performance by Ceci Dover
ATTIRE: Festive Wear
TIME: 12pm slt – 1:30pm slt

Christmas would not be complete without a few of the famous “Sway Cookie Bears” tucked away in our stockings.

Costa Rica Sims

Advent Sack #19

Sway's Advent Calendar - Gift #19


Winter Special

Winter Special 2010

knitted turtleneck Sweater
with Christmas tree motive

corduroy Leggings
cuffs with little Buttons

100L$ / copy - prims modify - no transfer

this is a limited time special
from today till december 31st

Dressed at Sway's

sad Snowman

You like Snowmen?
I have a very special one for you...

but he is a bit sad because he lost his nose...

wearable Snowman
and carrot

Home & Hobby at Sway's

Advent Sack #16

Sway's Advent Calendar - Gift #16

Winter Accessory - Special Edition
Knit Cap, Mittens (neck and hands) and Scarf

Advent Calendar Information

you missed a gift?



Glass Baskets

Glass Baskets - Christmas and Winter theme

with Sweets

with Pinecones

with Candle

and with Christmas Baubles

Handheld and rezzable versions
color change bow and band

each 75L$
they are transfer...
if you need a little gift for a friend :)

Home & Hobby at Sway's

Advent Sack #13

Sway's Advent Calendar - Gift #13


Cookie Bear 'Drum'

Cookie Bear 'Drum'

a cute little guy with a drum :)

texture change options:
classic, brown, black & white
and a special Christmas texture


Advent Sack #12

Sway's Advent Calendar - Gift #12



the new [Artist] set

comes with:

Easel with 3 Poses and 1 Aniimation
texture change - 8 painting options

Stool with 3 Poses

little Table
Paintbox ( open/close by touch)

Artist Canvas with texture change
2 Canvas version A
2 Canvas version B
Glass with brushes
Art Palette (with and without brushes)
and color Tubes for decoration and to wear

Happy painting :)) Sway

Home & Hobby at Sway's

Advent Sack #11

Sway's Advent Calendar - Gift #11


Pinecone Decoration

Pinecone Reindeer, Santa and Angel

3 santa - 3 reindeer - 3 angels
in small, medium and big

Home & Hobby at Sway's

Advent Sack #7

Sway's Advent Calendar - Gift #7


It's St Nicholas' Day...

December 6 - St Nicholas' Day...

maybe you don't know that -
but in Germany we have a tradition:

On the evening before St Nicholas' Day the Kids put there Boots in front of the front door.
On the next morning St Nicholas has filled them with nuts, sweets, chocolate and lots of other tasty things...

But only for the well-behaved kids.
The naughty ones will only get tree branch instead.

I'm sure you all were well-behaved, at least i hope so...
and so i have a little surprise for you :)

a special St Nicholas' Gatcha Machine is waiting for you at the Marketplace

there are two prices inside, one for the well-behaved kids
and one for the naughty ones ;)

Pay the Gatcha Machine to get one of the prices... it's 6 L$
(because St Nicholas' Day is on December 6.)

have fun :)) Sway


Advent Sack #6

Sway's Advent Calendar - Gift #6


Futon Romantic

a romantic Futon Bed

Bed with 4 poses, 2 in each Pillow...
2 paper Lantern (light on/off)

Flowers and Butterflies texture options
for Bed and Lantern

Home & Hobby at Sway's

Advent Sack #5

Sway's Advent Calendar - Gift #5



a cuddly Futon Bed

Bed with 4 poses, 2 in each Pillow...
Bed Tray with Doughnuts, 2 cups of hot chcolate
and vase with flower

Diamonds and Stripes texture options

Home & Hobby at Sway's

Advent Sack #4

Sway's Advent Calendar - Gift #4

Socks, knee high Stockings,
over knee Stockings and Tights

Advent Calendar Information

you missed a gift?



Xmas Cookie Bear

wearable merry Xmas Cookie Bear

plush teddy bear with sack and pose for you
just wear it :)


merry Christmas Sacks

say 'merry Christmas' to a friend or use it for yourself :)

- Sack with snowy tree
- Sack with branches and christmas decoration

Home & Hobby at Sway's

Advent Sack #3

Sway's Advent Calendar - Gift #3


you missed a gift?

Since not all of you are inWorld every day
or are on vacation during the holidays,

i have decided this year that all Advent Calendar Gifts
will be for sale on the following day for 77 L$.

You can find those gifts outside around the Snowglobe.


Advent Sack #2

Sway's Advent Calendar - Gift #2

'Laura' Outfit
Knitted Shirt and Jeans Skirt

Advent Calendar Information



Cone Santa

not the normal Santa... this one is special and funny...

Cone Santa [quartet]
4 Cone Santas : little, small, medium and big
with color change option

Cone Santa [wearable]
also with color changer

i hope you like it :)

you can find it at the Snowglobe or at Home&Hobby

Advent Sack #1

Sway's Advent Calendar - Gift #1

Armchair Snowman - with 3 Poses

Advent Calendar Information



Advent Calendar 2010

Sway's Advent Calendar 2010 - Gift Hunt

from December 1st to 24th 2010

Today Sway's Advent Calendar begins
and again this year 24 wonderful gifts are waiting for you.

Each sack therefore each gift is available for 24 hours.
(the change is happening daily between 0am - 2am SL Time)

have fun with the hunt and enjoy the gifts!

• All over the SwayLand Sim I've hidden colored Boxes with numbers.
Find the Boxes, touch them and you will get a NC with the Keyword.

• Go to the Advent Calendar inside the Snowglobe
and touch the Sack with the same number,
then follow the instructions.

• Example: it's December 1st, search the box with the number 1,
go to the Advent Calendar and touch the Sack #1:

Advent Sack #01: Hello

Advent Sack #01: key Word #01

Advent Sack #01: type /01 keyword

type the keyword in chat and you will get the Advent Gift.

• Please note that you can only get each Advent Calendar Gift
on the right day.

( #1 on Dec 1. - #2 on Dec 2. - #3 on Dec 3. ... )

if some viewers may not display the whole text,
please "Copy and Paste" the Keyword to get all letters!

[all gifts are copy]



Santa crossing

a little funny thing for your winter place :)

Road Sign [Santa]

25 L$ (copy) at Sway's


PJ's and Slipper

It's cold and rainy outside,
i'm in the mood to stay in my warm bed the whole day...
I think that inspired me to make this cute
Pajama and Slipper 'Lilly'.

comes in 6 colors with sheep motive
and slipper with sheep, fence and clouds

enjoy :)

Dressed at Sway's



Snow'fun #1

Winter + Snow + swAyNimation = FUN :)

Dressed at Sway's


Socks, Stockings and Tights

We have already Sweaters, Mittens, Caps and Scarfs...
What is missing?
Yes, Stockings and Tights :)

Here they are: Joan

Socks, Knee high Stockings, over Knee Stockings and Tights

for warm feet :))

Dressed at Sway's

Gatcha Gatcha Gatcha

Yay... its Gatcha time again!

3 new special items in my Gatcha Machine:

*Mittens for Hands and Neck*

*Scarf and Knit Cap*

*Sweater with and without Motive*

each one for 50 L$ in the Gatcha Machine here

all of this items are TRANSFER ...
so you can share them with your Friends

enjoy ... Sway


it's Winter

Snow is falling at SwayLand and Winter is coming.
As the cold weather rolls in more each day so does new designs at Sway's

The first Releases are the Snowy Guys :)

in Big, Lil and Melted
with texture option for cap and scarf

and some new cute Cookie Bears Igloo

Visit the SwayLand Snowglobe, have fun and enjoy the first falling Snowflakes...
Remember to keep watch for many more new seasonal items coming soon !