2012 for SBS

A special set for a special day

2012 numbers
4 poses for 4 avatars

with confetti and paper steamer

for Super Bargain Saturday only 60L$  


or check it at the Marketplace


SwayLand Map

A new SwayLand map is here!

-painted by noni Troncon-

SwayLand is:
Sway's - Zacca  - nonino
Tiny Bits, Riviera Couture, Shiki, DCD, Trifoglio and ToRiCo

But not just a place to go shopping.
You find lovely spots to relax and enjoy.
Discover SwayLand!

At the landing point (Park) you get a Map HUD,
just wear it, touch where you want to go and TP.
Never get lost with this Map HUD :)


Merry Christmas

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas
Have a wonderful time with your family and friends
in RL and SL

xo Sway Dench

Advent Gift #24

Advent Calendar - gift #24

Lounge Chair [Noel]
comes with pillows, blanket and 5 poses
from Sway's

Wow, the time went by so quickly...
This is the last gift of the SwayLand Advent Calendar 2011

I hope you all enjoyed the pre christmas time with 
Sway's - Zacca - *nonino* - ToRiCo and Trifoglio


Stack of Gifts

A special item for Christmas Super Bargain Saturday

Stack of Giftboxes [Christmas]

comes with 4 poses

copy | 60 L$ for SBS

Advent Gift #23

Advent Calendar - gift #23

from *nonino* comes this Quilt carpet
with 6 animations


Advent Gift #22

Advent Calendar - gift #22

Today in the Advent Calendar the cute snow covered
stump with 3 birds and 2 poses from Sway's
Stump [feed Birds]