Concrete and Wood

Concrete and Wood for Fifty Linden Friday

[Jasper] Shelf / Room Divider
 Concrete and Wood Shelf / Room Divider
with decoration as books, bowl, plants, vase and knick-knacks
empty version included 
1 / 7 Li

[Jasper] Lamps
 Concrete and Wood
Floor and Table Lamp
Light on / off by touch 
2 Li each
100% original Mesh + Material
copy + modify
(scripts - copy only)




Beaded Curtains

Something colorful for this round of Whimsical!

[Christina] Beaded Curtain

Beaded Curtains
in 4 Designs: Diagonal, Random, Tapered and Straight
each Design in 7 colors:
rainbow*, green, yellow, red, blue and colorful.
Very detailed, usable from both sides, no invisible parts!

100% original Mesh + Material | modify + transfer | 4/5 Li
28 to collect | 4 rares | 50L$ per play



For the Y2K round of Rewind...


Gacha | 18 to collect | 3 *rares

Millennium Bug Pin and Millennium Bug Companion
in green, purple and yellow 
(Companions with holding pose)
Mug, Pin Button and Coffee Mug in 3 different designs:
10 Year Survivor, I Survived and Party like 1999 
(Coffee Mugs with holding & drinking animation)
Road Sign*: Millennium Bugs Prohibited,
Millennium Bugs Crossing and Wild Millennium Bugs (Rare)
100% original Mesh + Material 
 transfer + modify | 1/2 Li
(scripts - transfer only) 
Happy Gacha-ing at Rewind 




Spotlight - February

Sway's SPOTLIGHT is a new Mainstore Event at Sway's!

For one month, starting today, one product is in the spotlight.
50% off for Sway's V.I.P. Members
and 15% off for non V.I.P. Members!
Only for one month. On the 5th of the following month another item will be in the SPOTLIGHT.
Sway's SPOTLIGHT February

[Andrea] Rainy Day Set

Armchair with Pillow
12 single animations, book props
5 Chair colors with 9 pillow options
Side table with Books,  Glasses and Coffee Mug
Empty Side Table
 Table Lamp
5 base colors with 6 shade options
light on / off by touching the light bulb
Wall Art
4 rainy day quotes in wooden frame
each big and small
100% original Mesh + Material
copy + modify
(scripts and animations - copy only)





Sway sings: "Love is in the air everywhere I look around...."
And lots of Love is at Sway's with a brand new gift for all of you! 

[Heart] Picture Frame

Heart shaped Table Top Picture Frame
with 5 texture options
for your Photo

100% original Mesh + Material
copy + modify
(scripts - copy only)
More gifts are at the Lounge!




Sway's is at the Gacha Garden
with Wall and Outdoor Clock and an exclusive Gift. 

[Tick-Tock] Clock
Gacha | 20 to collect | 2 rares*
working clock with menu to change timezone

Word - in red, black and white / Kitty - in brown and black
Outline - in gold and copper / Heart - in pink and red
Bird- in aqua, orange and berry / Prims - in greens, blues and yellows
Night* rare / Classic - in gold, silver and copper / Woods* rare

Seed Of Inspiration

Outdoor Clock
 Reward for playing the Gacha Machine for 20 times
Exclusive for this round of the Gacha Gaden


100% original Mesh + Material 
Gacha and SOI - transfer + modify | Gift - copy + modify
(scripts - transfer only)

 Happy Gacha-ing at Gacha Garden