50 shades...

... of sexy
yes, that is the theme this month at Uber.
September 30th - October 25th

 [Neal] unmade Bed . earth and breeze

unmade Bed
with pillows and blankets
18 single and 10 couple animations
adult version + 9 adult animations
4 texture options

Bedside table

Bedside lamps
lamp and lamp with shirt - light on / off by touch

books, box of condom, jeans and bra
available in 2 versions
earth: brown, red, orange and green
breeze: grey, yellow, mint and pink

PG and Adult
set and individuals available

100% original Mesh + Material | copy + modify | Land impact 16
(scripts and animations copy only)

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New release and FLF special - only at Sway's

[Creativity] Desk set
available as set and individual

desk: wooden worktable with used white  top
stool: with 12 animations, metal base, leather seat

with different quotes, list, doodle and empty - space for 3 pictures
+ empty, non scripted memo board with full permission texture for your own ideas, list, doodle...

desk lamp: 3 options - plugged, with short cable and without cable, light on / off by touch
comes in pink, mint, yellow, red, blue and green

decoration: books, apple, pencil cup, magazine, 
tea mugs in blue and yellow

100% original Mesh + Material | copy + modify  
9 Li as shown
(scripts and animations copy only)

FLF Special
only for this weeks Fifty Linden Friday
[Creativity] Memo-chalkboard and 
[Creativity] Desk lamp . set1 (with pink, mint and yellow lamp)

 here the other individual packs:

[Creativity] Desk lamp . set2 
(with red, blue and green lamp)

 [Creativity] Decoration pack

 [Creativity] Desk & Stool

only at Sway's


free gifts

It's still summer! at Sway's

Thought that's a good reason to give my dear customers a special gift. For Sway's VIP group I have a special Shell Candle gift out

[Shell] Candle

candle in shells
4 options included, pink, cream, ocean and mixed
flames individually on / off by touch

- keep in mind to wear the Sway's VIP group tag -
you are not a Sway's VIP member? join us! 
by touching the sign in the Mainstore or search groups for Sway's VIP
And for all subscribers there is also a special gift...
[Shell] Beach Shell decoration
free for all existing and new subscribers

beach shells for decoration
3 different clusters of shells
and 1 linked cluster

- the subscriber gift is sent to all subscribers -
if you are not a subscriber at Sway's, no problem
just touch the subscriber kiosk to subscribe and get your free gift.

100% original Mesh + Material | copy + modify
(scripts copy only)
(VIP gift: script is not working with 0, thats why it is set to 1 L$ )
come over to Sway's and get your gifts!  


Door Mat

It's Arcade Gacha time! Welcome your guests, friends and family at your home with this funny and cute door mats. Does the postman left a package, while you were away? Or maybe an admirer left a love letter? You forget your keys? Check the flower pot! Dirty rain boots or your sleeping cat...

[Door Mat]

9 to collect: owl, cloud*, international, ahoy, mustache*, 
cats, birds, home*, hi&bye (*rare)
with decoration as flowerpot, package, cat, rain boots and letter
6 common with 7 single animations and 3 couple animations
3 rares with 7 single andimations and 5 couple animations
all with texture changer for clean and shoe print options.

100% original Mesh + Material | modify + transfer | Land impact 3
(scripts and animations transfer only)
50L$ per play 
 The Arcade Gacha Event - September1st - 30th 2014
get yours here - The Arcade