Lucky Charm Cookie Bears

Lucky Charm Cookie Bears

Cookie Bear 'Chimney Sweeper'

Cookie Bear 'Lucky Charm Piggy' - Boy and Girl

Good Luck for the New Year :-)

listen to the music

'listen to the music'

Pillow with Animation, Headphones to wear on Head or/and Neck, Record Player, Speakers, Records, Box with Records, stack of Records and Table.
all with color/texture change menu, Headphones also with resize menu.


Special Gift

*** Special Gift ***

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas...
I would like to say thanks for the great pre-christmas time and i hope you enjoyed the advent hunt as much as i do it.
hopefully there where some nice presents for you in there...

now is the time to wish everybody good luck for the new year!
thats why i place a new Lucky Present with a special gift for you at the marketplace.

enjoy Sway :-)


Store Cards at Sway's Creations

Store Cards at Sway's!!!

To give it as a Gift or use it for yourself :-)

Just buy a Store Card from the vendor at the Marketplace or the Cookie Bear Shop,
and give it to the Person of your choice - or use it yourself...

The Store Cards come in 200L$, 500L$, 1000L$ and 2500L$.

Enjoy shopping at Sway's Creations!


Sway's Star - December

Photos of the Month - December

Congratulation to
Ravenelle Zugzwang, Krasa Slade & Fionna Bracken

enjoy your gift :-)

who will be the winners next month.... take part



Mashooka Designs @ Sway's Village

We welcome a new designer having opened a shop at our shopping village

Aradhana Voight 'Mashooka Designs'

Formal/Casual and Bridal
Accessoires, Indian Fashion & Men's

welcome and good luck ! Sway


Special Gift

*** Special Gift ***

A new special gift is under the Christmas Tree
at the Market Place.
all 10 Minutes a new Letter at the Lucky Present!
Enjoy Sway :-)


Winter House

Winter House
by Sway's Creations

with snowy and icicles roof
second floor with balustrade (half footprint)

44 Prims
10 x10 footprint
scripted Door
chimney with smoke

copy / modify

Cookie Bear Treasure Hunt @ Costa Rica

Cookie Bear Treasure Hunt

search for Cookie Bears and Cookie Bear Tokens :-)

enjoy the hunt at Costa Rica Sims

QRI Treasure Hunt

QRI Grant Opening & Treasure Hunt

happy hunting at QRI


Village News

Sway's Village Introducing the
Thistle Toboggan by Thistle Homes / Liz Gealach !!!

Thistle Toboggan includes:
** 3 Seats !
** 15 Custom Animations by Lyndzay Meili !
** Particle Snow!
** Auto Updates !

The Thistle Toboggan is made from traditional hard wood slats of maple stained in contrasting colors. A super-stong hold rope in red will keep you safe as u fly down the steepest hills of SL! Though snow is usually a sledding requirement you will find this magical Toboggan works equally well on grass, sand, or snow!

No Huskies required !

it is so funny! a must have !!!

Happy Holidays


Grandfathers Clock

Grandfathers Clock 'ERWIN'

working Clock
Sl Time
hourly and quarter-hourly Chime
swinging Pendulum
ticking sound

5 Wood Colors available:
Walnut - Oak - Cherry - White - Black


Sway's Star - November

Photo of the Month - November

Congratulation to chocolat Yifu!

enjoy your gift :-)

who will be the winners next month.... take part

Advent Calendar Hunt

*** Advent Gift Hunt ***

from December 1st to 24th
every day an other special Gift

by Sway's Creations & Friends

all over the Sways Creations Sim
we hid colored boxes with numbers.
find the boxes, touch them and you get a NC with a password.

go to the Advent Calendar and open the door with the same number,
touch the item inside and follow the instructions.

its december 1st, search the box with the number 1,
go to the advent calendar, open the door #1 and touch the object inside:
Advent Calendar #1: Hello
Advent Calendar #1: Key Word #1
Advent Calendar #1: type /01 'Key Word'
type the password in chat and you get the advent gift.

please note that you can only get each advent calendar gift on the right day.
( #1 on Dec 1. - #2 on Dec 2. - #3 on Dec 3. ... )

also we have some special advent gifts from
Thistle Homes, RiArnya Designs, Hydi's Stuff ...
search for colored boxes with 'special Advent Gift'
touch to get the password, go to the advent calendar, touch the gift box near
and add the password.

Advent Gift (shop name): Hello
Advent Gift (shop name): Key Word #25
Advent Gift (shop name): type /25 'Key Word'

Enjoy the Christmas Time with Sway's Creations & Friends !


Christmas at Sway's Creations

Christmas time is just around the corner at Sway’s …
our first Xmas stuff is ready for sale and we’d like to invite all of you to have a look around.

Trees, Wreath, Stockings, Baubles, Cookie Bears, Decoration and more

Winter Photo Contest Winner

We had so many nice photos coming In that we decided to donate a prize not only for the winner of the people’s choice voting, but for the three participants with the most votes.

People's Award:

Jury's Award

Congratulations to the Winners

Ivalde @ Sway's Village

We have a new great designer having opened a shop at our shopping village
and you probably heard of her before …

it’s Nepheria Abel’s 'Ivalde' with her great vintage clothing.
We’re proud to have her amongst us – welcome and good luck !


Sway's Star - Flickr Photo Contest

You have pictures of you with items of Sway's Creations?
You have pictures from hanging out in the Sim
SwayLand or Sways Creations?

Take part in the
Sway's Star
Flickr Photo Contest

Post your Snapshots / Photos to the
Flickr Sway's Creations Group Pool

Every month i choose some (at least one) pictures from the Sway's Creations Pool at Flickr and display it at the Marketplace...
and the person will also receive a special gift :-)

so let me see your great pictures :)))



Winter Photo Contest

Sway's Creations Winter Photo Contest
Take part in the Sway's Creations Winter Photo Contest.
Shoot a picture anywhere on the new Sway's Creations Sim and send it to Sway Dench.

* Rules:
- you must be visible on the picture
- picture have to be full permissions ( copy, modify and transfer )
- photo title must contain your full avatar name
- deadline to send your picture is 21 NOV
- one picture per person

* Prices:
Peoples Choice Award: 1000 L$
Jury Award: 2500 L$

We will have an open Voting at the Marketplace for the Peoples Choice Award on 22 & 23 NOV

The Jury Award winners will be picked by our Jury on 23 NOV

The Winners will be published in the Sway's Creations Update Group and
their photos will be shown at the Sway's Creations Update Blog -
and the Sway's Creations Sim.

We looking forward to meet you and to see your Winter Photos :-)

Sway Dench


Winter Collection

The temperatures dropped and it has been snowing at Sway’s Creations, the winter has begun ! For this occasion we are having our winter collection ready for sale, warm and cosy clothes for the cold time of the year, animations, decoration, the cookie bears and more …

Animation: Build a Snowman & Snowangel Ear Muffs
Cookie Bears: Ice Skate Girl, Boy and Couple
Old Winter Well and Park Bench with Blanket
4 funny Snowmans for decoartion

Knitted Pullover
Corduroy Pants
Jeans Skirt
Overknee Socks
Winter Accessoires - Scarf, Cap, Leg Warmers and Mittens

Come along and have a look at the winterly Sway’s Creations, we’re looking forward to see you there!

Please dont forgett to join our new
'subscribe o matic' Update Group


Village News - Thistle Homes

News from Thistle Homes...
Autumn Leaves & Seafair Cottage

Enjoy these wonderful multi-sit Autumn Leaf Blankets!
Included are two versions one with male sits and another with female sits!

Each is one prim and is copiable!
Each Autumn Leaf blanket has three sits that can be cycled through on touch!

The Seafair is a wonderful home to fill with all of your best SL stuff ... take advantage of our lovely SL weather on the upstairs Deck and bright Sun-room.

231 prims
18x28 footprint
privacy windows & doors

The Seafair includes:
1. The Seafair Cottage
2. Three Thistle Lanterns with glow
3. Fireplace
5. Lockable Doors with control panel
6. Privacy Windows with control panel
7. Update box


50% SALE !!!

shortly before the start of the winter season
i have a special price for the last year's winter collection.
prices are reduced by 50% !!!
so come along and grab some warm cloth for the cold days :-)

Photo Contest - Shiki

Fall in Focus - Photo Contest

Judge Choice winner

we, the Cookie Bears and i are so proud...



so many have asked me when my winter collection comes out...
i planned this for november 1st
but for all of you who dont like to wait any longer
i bring 3 creations of my winter collection in advance - that means NOW :-)

*COLINE - Colorful Winter Outfit:
Pullover, Jeans, Cap, Scarf, Mittens and Leg Warmers...

*FRINGES - Knitted Scarf
for Her & Him / stripes and plain / resize menu
(also available separately)

*SNOWANGEL - Ear Muffs
wear it to make a snowangel
also included invisible attachement and Ear Muffs without animation
colorable / no poseball



200 members at Sway's Creations!
there will be a reward...
a special gift for all Sway's Creations Friends....
have fun!

[ Flower Necklace ]


Second Style Magazine - Issue #22

Sway's Creation in Second Style Magazine!

click the photo to read Second Style


Pumpkin Festival

Pumpkin Festival - Treasure Hunt

held in ALBERO and Cioccolata Shopping mall
14:00 SLT Oct. 17 - 8:00 SLT Oct.26

How to enjoy the game:

The presents are hidden in the main stores inside key-word protected boxes.

Start by searching in Cioccolata & ALBERO for boxes with numbers on them.
The boxes hold the key-words. There are 37 boxes in total.

You will see a TP bar in front of each shop which will take you to the main stores.

When you reach the main stores, please search for boxes with the same number as you have. Stand in front of the box you have found and type the key-word into the chat window to get your present.
ex: /03 ciocco (03 is a number on the box)

Happy hunting!

click here for LM


Halloween Party

Dear friends who you love it being spooky,

on the 31st of October things will become spooky on
Sways Creations.

But as I don't want to be creeped out on my own,
I want you and your friends to join me.
The more people the better!

So, come on! Get out of your coffins, tombs or sarcophagus -
jump onto your broomsticks and visit me.

The best costume (which will be chosen by the ghosts, witches, mummies and other terrible figures) will win 666 L$!

Creepy regards, Sway

Sway's Creations Halloween Party
October 31st - 1PM (SL Time)


Halloween Special


lots of new Halloween items...
range from animation to cookie bears!

Halloween Cookie Bears:
Witch Cauldron, Trick or Treat, Witch Broom

Witch Broom - sit and fly ...

Decoration: Pumpkins, Ghosts and Candy Bowls

Accessoires: Pumpkin Earrings and Trick or Treat Bags

Witch Hats with Pumpkins, Star and Buckle

Bobbing for Apples
dunk for an Apple and get a Surprise ;-)

and also you can get the special Halloween-Marketstand