Hammock "SUMMER"

Hammock "SUMMER"
1 Single Hammock & 2 Couple Hammocks

Hammock - Single: with 2 Animations / change per touch

Hammock - Couple #1 and #2: with couple Animation

with Texture and Color change Menu
also included:
2 Stumps with Ropes
2 extra Ropes

Sway's Creations @ Kids Kingdom

new little shop at Kids Kingdom

A magical kingdom created just for kids & familys! Explore the magical forest & camp in the woods, fly in the fae circle, swim and fish on the beach, avast on the pirate ship, ride rides in the amusement park, or shop in the quaint lil village!


CQ back to SHIKI

CQ back to SHIKI this Sunday at 7 a.m. SLT
(10 a.m. EST, 11 p.m. Tokyo time)
partly because we love his music so much, and also so that those of you who missed him the first time round can now hear him for yourselves now.

CQ will be performing at the Excelsis beach area.
Hope to see you there!



Park Bench

Park Bench "BRAD"

COUPLE: 2 animations - couple
FOR 3: 3 single animations
BUMMER: animation and newspaper
newspaper-blanket will be visible only after lying down

menu controlled texture change:
oak, cherry, teak, sbony, blue and green
separate shadow

the bench are separate available or all in one set


100 members at Sway's Creations!
there will be a reward...
a special gift for all Sway's Creations Friends....
have fun!

[ Twisted Bangles - 7 Colors ]

the next gift will be for 200 ;-) or earlier


Cookie Bears - Angel & Devil

plush teddy bears - girl & boy

Angel: with Wings and Halo
Devil: with Horns and Tail

blinking eyes
touch for more or less glow

( the 2 bears are also separately available )



Rocking Chair 'KNITTING'

- Rocking Chair 'Knitting'
with knitting animation
touch: cushion to change texture / back to change wood color / chair to swing on-off
- Knitting-Basket with Knitting Needles
touch to get Knitting Needles
- Knitting Needle
with color change (wear)
- Scissors


Sway's Creations @ Shiki

New Store at Shiki Lifestyle Designs

SHIKI, where shopping and fun go hand in hand.
Anchored by SHIKI's main shop, some of the best items in SL can be found on this island.
High quality freebies, a relaxing beach and more!


Maritime Outfit 'LILITH'

Lilith - Maritime Outfit

Jacket with flexi Tails
Cuffs - Jacket Collar
Hood (for up and down)

Long ( regular & tight fit )
with Cuffs

Striped Shirt

Rain Hat - 3 sizes (S,M,L)