Spring Decoration #3

Decoration Set [Spring #3]

Garden Chair
with Blanket and 2 Poses

with Candle and different Glass options

Bird Nest
with little Bird and Eggs
chirp on/off by touch

12 texture and color options for Blanket and Candle
6 Textures for Lantern Glass

Home & Hobby at Sway's
you can see this Set rezzed in the SwayLand Garden


Spring Decoration #2

Decoration Set [Spring #2]

with little Bird, water and leafs
chirp and water on/off by touch

Home Sign
4 Text options

Flower Bucket
with Tulips

12 Texture options for Bucket, Birdbath and Home sign

Home & Hobby at Sway's
you can see this Set rezzed in the SwayLand Garden


Spring Decoration

Decoration Set [Spring #1]

with little Bird - chirp on/off by touch

Notice Board
with Photos, Postcard, Flower and Butterfly

Flower Pot
with Snowdrop and Butterfly

12 Texture options
Mix and Shades

Texture / Color change for:
Bridhouse, Notice Board, Flower Pot and Butterflies

Home & Hobby at Sway's
you can see this Set rezzed in the SwayLand Garden


SwayLand Map

Ooops, there was so much to do with the opening, the
hunt and the new releases i totally forgot to show you the map.

But now i do :)

-painted by noni Troncon-

SwayLand is:
nonino - Sway's - Zacca
ToRiCo and the Village with Riviera Couture, Shiki,
Tiny Bits and Paradise Pets...

But not just a place to go shopping.
You find lovely spots to relax and enjoy.
Discover SwayLand!

At the landing point (Park) you get a Map HUD,
just wear it touch where you want to go and TP.
Never get lost with this Map HUD :)

Sway's & PLUTO+ at SwayLand


Easy Chairs

Easy Chair Set [Striped]

Easy Chair with Blanket - 3 Poses
Easy Chair without Blanket - 3 Poses

Side Table
Magazines (Crossword and Photos)
Vase with Rose
Frame with and without Nail

9 Texture / Color options for
Chairs, Blanket and Pillows, Tablecloth and Frames

Try and Buy here: Home & Hobby at Sway's


Cookie Bears - Love

It's valentines Day in a bit...
Here are some cute and lovely Cookie Bears

wearable Cookie Bears - Valentine -

with Rose and Chocolates
and a Pose for you :)

Girl, Boy and Couple...
the perfect gift for your beloved!

of course they are transfer :)



VIP Gift

Valentines Day - VIP Gift

Chair & Frames [Heart]

Chair with 3 Poses,
Frames with and without Nail

(keep in mind to wear Sway's VIP Group to take the Gift)




with Table Chairs and Decoration

this set includes:

Paper Lanterns
his Chair with 2 poses
her Chair with 2 poses
hanging Blanket with 1 pose
3 Tea Candles / touch on-off
Vase with Tulips

Texture / Color change for:
Paper Lanterns, hanging Blanket, Chairs, Candles and Vase

6 Texture options :
shades of yellow, red, purple, blue, green and colorful
also a transperent version for the Paper Lanterns

Footprint: 5,5 x 5,5

Gazebo - 11 prims
Paper Lanterns - 15 prims
each Chair - 3 prims
Table - 2 prims
Decoration - 16 prims

Home & Hobby at Sway's


Catch the Butterfly

It's Hunting time at SwayLand

Catch the Butterfly - Hunt

February 5th - February 19th

by *nonino*, Sway's and Zacca

° Search for the 'SwayLand 'Butterfly''
hidden around the SwayLand Sim, Sway's and PLUTO+.

° When you find one, move fairly close and touch it.
You'll receive a confirmation message
telling you how many you need to find.

° When you have found them all,
return to the SwayLand 'Butterfly Cage' Hunt Starting Place
and touch it to claim your prizes!

A beautiful Skybox from Zacca,
big Windows with Curtains and a wooden Floor.

Furniture Set from *nonino*
comes with Table, Linen Lamp and Light,
Cabinet and Blanket with Pillows.

And from Sway's
a special Heart Dirndl and a Cage Necklace.

Happy Hunting!

Sway's & PLUTO+ at SwayLand




February 5th

opening Hunt - catch the Butterfly
win 3 great prices from *nonino* Sway's and Zacca

awesome Designers
*nonino*, Sway's, Zacca, Riviera Couture, Shiki, ToRiCo....
and more

discover the new Place
Fishing, Cafe, Treehouse, Garden, Sunflower Honey, Park, Lake and many more

Sway's & PLUTO+ at SwayLand