SBS Rocket

It's Super Bargain Saturday!

Rocket [Kawaii]

Maybe some of you remember this funny rocket.
A while ago i made it for an event.
Some of you asked me if i would sell it...and yes, now i do!

It comes with 6 funny poses for 3 avatars
3 face / texture options

60 L$ for SBS
grab it here Sway's
(I am a bit late today so i will have my SBS item out the whole weekend)


Trick or Treat

Yay.. trick or treat and Gatcha is going on at The Nest!

I made some new items for the Gatcha
TankTop - Halloween

and in my lil store at the Nest is a trick or treat gift waiting for you...


Bubblegum Weekend #19

I had a date with my imaginary boyfriend...
or lets call him my 'Alt' ;)

He put some wood in the fireplace and provides a
romantic atmosphere...
(I guess it would be even more romantic if he was not my alt)
anyhow, let's imagine it was a romantic date...

The fire was crackling in the fireside, the radio played a love song - 
He kissed me gently and we ...  
censored censored censored 
... on my new quilt.

...wish it wasn't my alt :(

Skin - Curio
Hair - Truth
Earrings - Trifoglio
Lingerie - Artilleri
Feet - Maitreya

Skin - Redgrave
Hair - Truth
Underwear - Ronsem

House - Reek
Poses and Quilt - Sway's

Chestnut Hunt - Gifts

The Chestnut Hunt is going on at SwayLand...

let me show you the rewards for hunting chestnuts 

 Halloween Garde House from Zacca

this is more than just a house for halloween.
It is a beautiful building, fits your garden in every season

Scarecrow from Sway's
a funny scarecrow for your garden, field or any other decoration.
comes in 3 sizes with different face option.

Magical Circle from nonino
this looks so great... but it's not just a decoration,
take a seat and have a magical flight :)

 and Hat and Stole from Ayla's 
cute accessory for cold days

You see, there are 4 good reasons to hunt for chestnuts :)

Happy hunting...
and show us your pictures from the hunt in the Flickr group

Taxi to the Chestnut Hunt

and here more Hunt information 


Cuddle Quilt

Enjoy the cold days with your beloved.
This Quilt looks good in front of a fireplace...
or anywhere else
where you want to have a special time with your sweetheart.

[Cuddle Quilt]
earth and color

comes with 22 custom-made couple and single poses
relax, cuddle, hug, kiss.... and many more

(just sit on the pillows and touch to change pose)

Transfer | 4 prims | 450L$ 

Home&Hobby at Sway's

Winter Birds

Exclusive for Home and Garden Market

Carpet [Winter Birds]

comes with 7 texture options
Special for Home and Garden Market 50% off

after that time you'll find it at Sway's Home&Hobby

Transfer | 1prim | 75L$


Alphabet Challenge: G

 G like Grandma

I remember back,
when i was a child and i helped my Granny in the garden...
it was always so good to be with her.

I miss her very much... 
in memory of her, i spent some time in my SL garden as a granny.

Hair - Truth / Gabriel
Shirt - Novocaine / Genevieve Long Sweater
Sweater - Jane / vneck sweater - ziggies greens
Pants - Gisaci / Journey Tweed Slacks
Shoes - 77 Loafers / Vintage Green
Glasses - Reek / Aeroplane Shades
Skin - Wrigglesworth / Olden Girl Violet
Pose - Sway's / Grandm'Art
Background -  Sway's / Greenhouse and Garden Chair

read more about the Alphabet Challenge here: 



After i released the Armchair [Darling],
many of you asked for a sofa in the same style.

Here it is :)

Sofa [Darling]
Patchwork & Leather

both come with 14 custom-made poses / couple and single
relax, cuddle, massage... and many more.
 (just sit on the armrests and touch to change )

Transfer | 5 prims each | 375L$

Home&Hobby at Sway's


Chestnut Hunt

SwayLand Autumn hunting season opens!

Chestnut Hunt
October 15th - November 1st

Find chestnuts and win special gifts from
nonino, Sway's, Zacca and Ayla's!

• All over the SwayLand Sim we've hidden Chestnuts.
Find the Chestnuts, touch them and you will get a NC.
In some you'll find a password but some are empty ;)

• Go to the main Hunt place and touch the Giftbox from that
shop you found the Password, then follow the instructions.

• Example: you found the Password from Sway's
go to Sway's Giftbox and touch it...

Sway's GiftBox: Hello
Sway's GiftBox: This is Sway's Box, please tell me the correct password to get the gift
Sway's GiftBox: type /04 'Password'
type the password in chat and you will get the Hunt Gift.

• Please note that you can only get each Gift with the right password

if some viewers may not display the whole text,
please "Copy and Paste" the password to get all letters!

Happy hunting and enjoy the Autumn at SwayLand :))

Taxi to the Chestnut Hunt

Fly with me

Flying Broom

with and without cat
5 colors

for todays Super Bargain Saturday just 60L$


Bubblegum Weekend #18

It's already Friday and I really need to finish my work.

Let's see, i have my papers, my books 
and the Typewriter has a new ink ribbon... 
lets get started!

snore.... snorrrrrrrrreeeee.....

OMG! i fell asleep, the only word i typed is

OK, I need to hurry now. I know i can do it!

Yay! I'm done... and i hope you like my little story :)

By the way... i was late for work because i was shopping
let me show you what i've got:

Skin - League / Amber Fair -Plum- Frex
Hair - Truth / Isla
Glasses - Reek / Augie Glasses
Shirt - Zaara / shyla blouse
Pants - Atomic / I <3 Corduro
Bracelet - Artilleri / brazil bracelet

Background & Decoration - Sway's / Writer Office [Josephine]

Designer Challenge

It is round 10 of Designers Challenge,
in which every 2 weeks 2 home and garden designers
will take the same RL picture as inspiration
and create what they see in Second Life in their own way.
Sway Dench of Sway's and Liz Gealach of Thistle Homes
have given this photo of a gorgeous desk and workspace as inspiration.

Now the time has come to show you what we made...

 Sway's Writer Office [Josephine]

 is a cute, cozy and a little bit retro Workspace.

It comes with all what you see...

Wall & Floor with 5 texture options for wallpaper and floor shadow.
Desk with Typewriter, Lamp, Books, Papers, Cactus and a lot of other decoration and utensils.
The Stool with a pretty hand stitched pillow includes 5 poses.
A Bookshelf with Books, Paper scrolls and other decoration.
Also in this Set is a Paper trash, and Picture Frames.

The set contains 22 objects, so you can decorate and move everything just as you like it.

Set includes:
Wall & Floor
Stool with Pillow
Paper Trash with Paper Scrolls
Desklamp | touch to turn light on/off
stack of Books
Books 2x
Cactus 2x
Book with Glasses
Book and Magazine
Pencil Cup
Paper Scrolls
Picture Frame 2x

54 Prims | transfer | 400L$

Thistle Decorator's Workspace

The first thing i (Liz) saw was the colors;
wonderful bright yellow, rich red, and deep blue.
I knew I wanted to play with the colors and create something that was reminisant of the original picture but still very much me. 
A little story evolved in my head about an SL Decorator that has her own special space to plan and prepare. 
I imagine people changing the pictures to show their latest inspiration! 
I love how different Sway and I went with our interpretations, this was a fantastic process!

Animated Chair, Shelf, and File Cabinet
Chair includes 5 animations that change on touch
Desk with assorted accessories
Pin Board and frames - pictures can be changed
Desk Lamp that illuminates on touch
and many little nicknacks :-)

Personalize and mix and match

copy + modify | 400L$


This was so much fun and i hope you all like our work :)
Special thanks goes to Isla Gealach
for this great idea with the Designer Challenge
and to Liz Gealach who is a very good friend and a gorgeous designer.


Alphabet Challenge: F

What the future will tell?
This week's letter is... 

F like Fortune

Hair - Truth / Felicity - seaspray
Skin - Curio /  Petal Frex [Light] Winter-Frost 1
Shirt - Atomic / Frilled - Sky
Skirt - Jane / maxi skirt-lillith-fawn
Shoes - Maitreya / Frenzy Banana - Ecru
Background - Sway's / Fortune Teller
Pose - Sway's / f'Art #4/5

read more about the Alphabet Challenge here: 


Bubblegum Weekend #17

It's windy... perfect time to fly a kite

Skin - Curio / Petal Frex [Light] Yum 2-Juicy Grape 2
Hair - Truth / Kaelyn 2 Streaked
Shirt - Jane / tunic dress.chilly.truffle
Pants - Sway's / Leggings [Kim] - green
Shoes - Reek / Shearling Boots - Brown/White
Kite - Sway's / Kite #3
Bear - Sway's / Cookie Bear "KITE"


Alphabet Challenge: E

I like handwork, especially when it's colder outside...
Today's letter is:

E like Embroidery

Hair - Maitreya / Emma - Natural Blond
Skin -  Curio / Yum-Electric Blueberry
Necklace - EarthStones / Dangle Beads
Shirt - Armidi / Evelyn Square Cut Blouse
Pants - Emery / Denim Highwaisted Muta
Shoes - 77Loafers / Epice

Rocking Chair Emma & Embroidery Pillow / Sway's

read more about the Alphabet Challenge here: 

Autumn Market

The leaves are colorful and the autumn is just around the corner...

here is the SwayLand Autumn Market

The designers of SwayLand put out some of their Autumn Items.

Check them out: SwayLand Autumn Market



Some little accessory for your home :)

Carpet [rag stripes] and Carpet [Circle]
both comes with 7 texture options

Transfer | 1 prim | 75 L$

Home&Hobby at Sway's


Dinner time

Days getting colder and it's nice to have a good meal
with your family and friends...
or for Thanksgiving :)

Dining Table [Autumn]

this set includes:
Table with tablecloth (3 prims )
Bench 1 & 2 - both with 2 pillows, each with 3 poses  (5 & 4 prims)
Table Decoration - touch candle on / off  (14 prims)
Napkin with cutlery 4x  (6 prims)
Plate 4x  (1 prim)
Plate with Cake 4x  (4 prims)
Plate with Turkey 4x  (6 prims)
Water glass 4x  (1 prim)
Water glass filled 4x  (2 prims)
Wine glass 4x  (1 prim)
Wine glass filled 4x  (2 prims)
Platter with Turkey  (5 prims)
Bowl with Cranberry sauce  (3 prims)
Pumpkin Pie  (3 prims)
Sauce Jug  (2 prims)

the set is 131 Prims in total
(but you never use all plates and glasses at the same time)

Transfer | 550 L$

Try it and buy it...
at Sway's Home & Hobby


Bubblegum Weekend #16

Oh yes! today it's a real Bubblegum ;)
 ... waiting for the burst

Skin - Curio
Hair - Truth
Ears - Plastik
Glasses - Reek
Bubblegum - Pink Fuel
Tank - Surf Couture

Market Stand

A new Market Stand is out

Market Stand [Autumn] 
(you can use it in other seasons too ;) )

comes in big and small
with 6 blind options

Transfer | 2 prims each | 200 L$

Home&Hobby at Sway's