celebrate love

A special gift for a special occasion!

[LGBT Heart] floor cushion

with 5 couple animations
and 5 friends / single animations
for up to 2 avatars

100% original Mesh + Material | copy + modify | Li 2
(scripts and animations copy only)
only at Sway's 



A new round at Uber with the theme Rustic just started and what's better than a campfire to sit together with friends and enjoy a sausage or yummy marshmallows.

[Walden] Campfire Set

Campfire 3 Li 
Stone framed campfire with fire crackling sound

Log 2 Li 
with and without pillows
14 single / friends animations
10 couple animations
4 texture options for pillows

Stump 1 Li
with and without pillow
16 single animations
4 texture options for pillow

Coffee Pot & Mug 1 Li
in red, blue, green and yellow
Wood stick with marshmallow and sausage 1 Li
(decoration and prop)

100% original Mesh + Material | copy + modify | Li 12
(scripts and animations copy only)


Coat Rack & Stool

It's my favorite Friday of the month! Fifty Linden Friday.
Today I have 2 cute and nautical themed items for you.

[Whale] Coatrack

decent and shabby
empty and with cloth & hat
4 texture options
1/2 Li

[Ahoy] Stool

 with 12 animations
10 texture options
2 Li

 100% original Mesh + Material | copy + modify
(scripts and animations copy only)

get it at Sway's



not just some plain rowboat... no, this is a very special one.
It's a bench! For you to relax, hang out with friends 
or your beloved.

[Rowboat] Bench

available in 3 designs: natural dark, natural light and nautical
all come with 20 single and friends animations for up to 2 avatars
and 10 couple animations
6 texture options for pillows
100% original Mesh + Material | copy + modify | Land impact 5
(scripts and animations copy only)
Get it at LTD The Event

As always this item is available at Sway's main store and the Marketplace after the event.


Nautical decoration

It's summer and as always when it gets hot outside (and inside because I don't have air condition) I am in the mood for nautical things. For this round of the Arcade I have decorations for your beach, beach house or just wherever you want to get the beachy touch.

[Nautical] decoration

10 to collect: 8 common, 2 rares*
letter.beach*, sign.beach, life belt.beach,
frames.seashell & starfish, photo frame.rope, candle.seashell,
candle.starfish, photo frame.seashell,
sign.sandy feet*, life belt.aboard

1-3 Li | 50 L$ play

 The Arcade Gacha Event - June1st - 31th 2015
get yours here - The Arcade