10 Years Sway's

10 Years ago, in September 2007, Sway's opened its doors.
It was a lot different back then, and a lot smaller ;).

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of Sway's wouldn't be possible
without you. And it wouldn't be a real celebration without a Sway's Hunt, right? So here we go...

September 15th - October 15th 2017

Touch the Birthday Hunt Display (near the landing point).
It will give you a HUD and an info Notecard.
Wear the HUD and start hunting for Balloons.
Once you found tham all, all Balloons on your HUD are colorful.
Touch the bunch of Balloons with the 10, at the starting point,
and get your exclusive Sway's 10th Birthday Hunt Gift!

Happy hunting!

Birthday Hunt Gift: [Ten] Reading Pillows

Reading Pillows with 6 single and 1 couple reading animations
6 texture options
Book / reading props

Stack of Books for decoration

100% original Mesh + Material
copy + modify
(scripts and animations - copy only)


Fifty Linden Frightday

This is not an ordinary Friday, this is not even an ordinary
Fifty Linden Friday.
It is Fifty Linden Frightday: A Halloween Spooktacular!

In addition to the regular 2 items I have for FLF,
there is one more Halloween-themed item for you. 

[Fox] Floor Cushion 
 Floor Cushion with 6 animations
4 options: plaid cream, plaid green, plaid pink and orange
2 Li each

[Iris] Window Blinds . gradient
 Due to popular demand here is a return of the Window Blinds
in Unicorn, Mermaid and Rainbow.

Narrow and wide version
open, closed and up position by menu
narrow 2 Li, wide 4 Li
[Autumn] Pumpkin decoration 
 Pumpkins in many different shapes and pattern
4 trio, 4 duo and 12 single in 3 different shapes
natural (non painted or patterned) version included
a total of 20 different Pumpkins
trio 3 Li, duo 2 Li and single 1 Li each

100% original Mesh + Material
copy + modify
(scripts and animations - copy only)





For this round of The Arcade Sway's has a lovely Desk
with all you need to enjoy working :)
Also a super adorable Reward and an Exclusive Gift for
the 5th Birthday of The Arcade


21 to collect - 4 rares*

Desk* - with working drawer - 2 Li
Chair . brown* with 8 animations - 3 Li
Chair . black* with 8 animations - 3 Li
Paper Bin - 1 Li
Stack of Books - 2 Li
Coffee Mug . mint - 1 Li
Coffee Mug . pink - 1 Li
Coffee Mug . grey - 1 Li
Pens and Pencils - 1 Li
Pencil Jar - 1 Li
Laptop - 2 Li
Notebook - 1 Li
Table Lamp - light on / off - 2 Li
Shelf - 1 Li
Books and Bookend - 3 Li
Calendar* - adjustable date - add you own picture - 2 Li
Globe - rotating - 2 Li
Succulent . Echeveria - 1 Li
Succulent . Portulacaria - 1 Li
Picture Frame Wall . metal - use with art or with your own pictures - 1 Li
Picture Frame Wall . wood - use with art or with your own pictures - 1 Li
[Unicorn] Flowerpot with Succulent
Arcade Gacha Reward for playing the Sway's [Workplace]
Machine 25 times - 3 Li

And because it is the Arcade's 5th Birthday
here is also a special Gift!
[shhh...] Coffee Mug
with holding and drinking animation 1 Li
100% original Mesh + Material 
Gacha - modify + transfer
 (scripts and animations - copy only)
Reward and Gift - modify + copy
 (scripts and animations - transfer only)
Happy Gacha-ing at The Arcade