Advent Calendar 2020

The traditional SwayLand Advent Calendar 2020
It's the 14th year of the SwayLand Advent Calendar.

Unfortunately it is a little bit different this year.
If you want to know why, here is the reason.

Enjoy the Winter and pre-Christmas time at SwayLand.
from December 1st - 24th 2020

• At Sway's near the Landing point you find the Advent Calendar.
Please touch one of the signs to receive a folder
with the HUD and information Notecard.

• Please wear the HUD and go hunting for golden Stars all around SwayLand
(Stars are only hidden on the region base, not on skyboxes)

• When you find a golden Star touch it and it will appear on your HUD.
(If it not appears on your HUD move closer to the Star and touch again.)

• Once you found them all, your HUD is all colorful and there are no more black and white squares. Return to the Advent Calendar. Touch the box with the correct number on the correct day and get your exclusive Sway's Advent Gift!

• All the gifts are COPY ! To avoid lag please take each gift once. You can duplicate it as often as you like.

• Please note that you can only get each Advent Calendar Gift on the right day. From Midnight to Midnight SLT.
( #1 on Dec 1. - #2 on Dec 2. - #3 on Dec 3. ... )
Yes, you can hunt for them whenever you want. Even on the first day and fill your HUD, but you can claim the gift only on the right day.

• The gifts will only be available in the Calendar on the exact day. They will NOT be for sale later on.

• There might be some fake stars in between, when you touch them nothing will appear at your HUD and in the chat they will let you know that they are fake.

Happy Hunting and Happy Holidays! ♥ Sway Dench
Sway's - SwayLand

Why is this years Advent Calendar different...

To bring you Sway's Advent Calendar means so much to me and it's a tradition.

It made me very sad that this year, a year where we all went through a lot and still do, I am not able to make new gifts for the Advent Calendar.  The reason for it is that a very close family member got seriously sick and unfortunately I got sick too. I don't want to bother you with any details, just wanted to let you know why this years Advent Calendar is a little different.

So I had two options, no Advent Calendar at all, or to fill this years Calendar with gifts from previous years.
I decided to go with the second option.

I'd like to thank you for understanding and hope you will enjoy the 2020 Advent Calendar at Sway's.

I wish you all a wonderful Holiday season and all the best for you and your loved one. Stay safe and healthy.

Sway Dench <3

Advent Calendar 2020