Valentine Treasure Hunt

*** Sway's Valentine Treasure Hunt ***

FEB 1st - FEB 15th

Find 14 golden Valentine Treasure Hearts hidden around the Sways Creations Sim and earn a special Valentines Day Gift... for Girls and for Boys!

* Search for the golden Valentine Treasure Hearts
hidden around the Sways Creations Sim.

* When you find one, move fairly close and touch it.
You'll receive a confirmation message telling you how many you need to find.

* When you have found them all, return to the Valentine Treasure Box
and touch it to claim your prize!

Happy Hunting!
Sway :-)


Sway's Star - January

Photos of the Month - January

Congratulation to
Icarus Robbiani, Mich Michabo & Kallisto Destiny

enjoy your Sway's Creations Store Card :-)

who will be the winners next month.... take part


Snowman Contest Winner

*** Sway's Snowman Contest Winner ***

Thank you for all the cute, funny and lovely Snowmen...

The decision was hard...
We had so many nice Snowy Creations coming in that we decided to donate a Price not only for the winner of the People’s choice voting and the Jury voting...
we also give a special price to other 3 cute Snowmen!

Congratulations to the Winners!

People Award - 2000L$

JuryAward - 5000L$

Special Price - 1000L$ Store Card


Sway's Snowman Contest - Voting Time

The Voting for the SNOWMAN CONTEST is open now!!!
So come along see the 15 wonderfull Snowman
and Vote for your fovorite Snowy Creation.

The Voting ends on 25 JAN - 7 AM (SL Time)

go to the snowman :-)


CAPTURED Tradeshow

January Issue of CAPTURED would like to introduce CAPTURED Internationals! Six CAPTURED books in
-French -German -Italian -Portuguese -Spanish -English
Coming out January 19th at the CAPTURED Tradeshow!
This issue the Tradeshow will bring together theatrical arts with fashion. You will witness not only very talented designs but also dances from hip hop to the tango.

SHOW DATE: Jan. 19th

::::::Designers in show::::::
Nicky Ree
MB Designs
Shabby Chic
Rivera Couture
Maria Bonita
Fredas Fine Fashions
Stitch By Stitch

Stitch By Stitch
MB Designs
Shabby Chic
Riviera Couture
Belle Belle
G Field
Sway's Creations
Yabusaka Loon

::::::SIM Design and Builder:::::
GOL Projects-Dakota Neumann

Coordinators: Pyper Dollinger & Judy Kidd
DJ: Captain Clipper

Healing Room-Sinead O'Connor

Dancers: Pyper Dollinger and Tatiana Kurri

Phantom 2

Vivienne Darcy, Charmie Latte, Sarahelisabeth Brenham, tiana Radek, Tatiana Kurri, Somanna Sands, dena dana, menja slade, sparkly jewel ,Nemi McCoy, Neena Botanical, sharna Beaumont, abby Amsterdam, channah wylie

Lisa Lashes-Lock 'n Load
Cars Provided by: AM Pro Rides
Clothes Provided by: the SOURCE clothing

Vivienne Darcy, Tatiana Kurri, Somanna Sands, Charmie Latte, Sarahelisabeth Brenham, Nemi McCoy, Neena Botanical, Tiana Radek, abby Amsterdam, dena dana, channah wylie, menja slade, sparkly jewel, sharna beaumont
Runway Manager: Laya Felisimo

Coordinators: Imogen Miklos, Elysium Rayna,
Krystanna Wycliffe

Sariella Ashton, Gemini Hennesy, Gamp Lane, Latoya Inglewood, Mavi Beck, Abandoon Nacht, Wenadrenia Soderstrom, Laura18 Streeter, SterlingZen Harbour, Luralie Bailey, Latoya Inglewood, Krystanna Wycliffe, Ivyana Szondi, Tiffany Rowlands, Shayla McBride, Sharron Schuman, Loxley Tatham, Elysium Rayna, Risa Bright, Rena Mascot, Sami Kutanaga, Liane Maertens, Chamonix Boudreaux, Imogen Miklos, Cayce Newell, Haruka Kish, Leah McCullough, Candi Dreamscape, Veronica Krasner, Rhi Rossini, Jula Carnell, Puhi Rotaru

:::::Film Crew:::::
Metaverse Team


Photo Contest - Loco Pocos

Sway's Tiny Dreams come true

this was a funny story...

i just added my pics in the loco pocos flickr group,
because i enjoyed their christmas gift,
that cute little snowman so much.
i wasn't even aware that i would be in a picture of the month competition and, then...

(winner photo)

yesterday - just when i was building some stuff,
i suddenly received this big package from damien.
i wanted to ask him something else, anyway, and just started to chat about my questions without really noticing what i got there, just thinking it would be a group gift or something like that.

what a surprise when i found out it was a
loco pocos mega all package...
wow, what's that for ?

i asked my husband whether he got the same or not
when he told me there was a notice i had won their contest.

can't tell how happy and flattered i felt,
this beautiful present really made my day.

thanks so much to you !


Sway's Snowman Contest

*** Sway's Snowman Contest ***

i am searching for the funniest, craziest, fanciest, cutest and most creative Snowman!

Peoples Choice Award: 2000 L$
Jury Award: 5000 L$

- the Snowman must be built by yourself
- size: not more than 1.500 x 1.500 x 2.500
- prims: 20 prims maximum
- Snowman has to be full permissions /copy, modify and transfer
(dont worry it will not end as a freebie or given away to anyone else.)
- Snowman title must contain your full avatar name
- one Snowman per person
- no scripts allowed
- deadline to send your Snowman is 23. January 2009
- create a folder with Snowman and YOUR NAME (e.g.: Snowman-Sway Dench),
place the snowman inside and send it to Sway Dench


We will have an open Voting at the Marketplace for the Peoples Choice Award on 24 & 25 JAN

The Jury Award winners will be picked by our Jury on 25 JAN

The Winners will be published in the Sway's Creations Update Group and
pictures of their Snowman will be shown at the Sway's Creations Update Blog -
and the Sway's Creations Sim.

i am looking forward to see your Snowy Creations :-)

Photo Contest - Shiki

Winter - Photo Contest
Judge Choice winner

thank you!

Lucky Charm

Happy New Year - Good Luck

for all Group Members of Sway's Creations