more Spring...

winter has been grey enough so here is something colorful :-)

Picnic Blanket 'SPRING'
sculpted Blanket with Pillows and Basket
(with Wine, Muffins & Doughnuts)
4 Animations
with Texture change menu
you have the choice...

i didn't want the Cookie Bears to become envious...
so they got their own Picnic Blanket

Cookie Bears 'PICNIC'
Plush Teddy Bears Boy & Girl
with Picnic Blanket, Basket with Muffins, Doughnuts and Milk

and also something colorful for inside...
decorate your home with a Crazy Clock
and you will always know the right time ;)

in every package are 2 clocks (big and small)
SL Time - Texture/Color change Menu

Crazy Clock 'FLOWER'
Bee and Worm Clock Hands

Crazy Clock 'BILLARD'
Cue Clock Hands

Paint Brush Clock Hands

i hope you have fun with this new colorful items as much as i do... Sway


Spring at Sway's

A warm breeze has reached Sways Creations,
the Snow is molten ...
It's time for something new...

'SONJA' Mix & Match

'SONJA' Shirt with Motive
all layers / copy - no modify - no transfer

'SONJA' Shorts with Belt
3 belts (small, medium, large) / copy - no modify - no transfer

'SONJA' Mini Pleated Skirt
modifiable flexi skirt / copy - modify - no transfer

'SONJA' Socks
copy - no modify - no transfer

Available Colors and Motives (the motives are on the Shirts only):

Orange - Dices
Red - Crazy (graffiti writing)
Pink - Heart with Wings
Purple - Safety Pin
Sky - Wings
Night - Moon and Stars
Aqua - Fish
Apple - Flowers and Leaves
Green - Cherry
Black - Crown

all items are separately available
so you can mix it how you like it!
also you can get color sets or sets with all shirts, shorts, skirts or socks... you like to have all? no problem take the Mega Pack..

Cookie Bear 'Desk' Girl & Boy

Girl with Laptop, Picture Frame, Vase with Flowers, Coffee Mug and Cookies
touch the Computer and you'll get a menu where you can select a texture

Boy with Laptop, Letters, Papers, Pencil and Pen Cup, Basketball, Coffee Mug and Cookies
touch the Computer and you'll get a menu where you can select a texture

enjoy.... Sway


Special Gift

*** Special Gift ***
a special "LOVE" lucky present
is waiting for you at the Marketplace....

with all my heart.... Sway



'KISSED' Grid Wide Hunt

Grid Wide "Kissed" Hunt

Hunt Starts Fabruary 6th 12pm SLT!
This is when First Kiss will be put out! If you don't start from "Kiss 1" you might miss out on more gifts and loose the thread...
So be patient hunt will last 2 weeks - you will have to to hunt them all down...
Plus it will be way funner to do it the right way!!

Kisses and have Fun!!!


Valentines Day Special

Valentines Day Specials

'Broken Heart' Necklaces
2 necklaces- for you and your beloved
black leather and silver cord, resize menu

Cookie Bear 'Valentine' - boy / girl
plush teddy bear boy / girl with big heart "be my valentine" and blinking eyes

Cookie Bear 'Rose Bouquet' - red / pink / white
plush teddy bear boy / girl with rose bouquet and blinking eyes
- touch bouquet for rose petal poofer (on/off)

'Heart Bangles' Silver & Gold
4 Bangles - silver and gold with red hearts
(for right and left forearm)

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