The Liaison Collaborative - TLC has started today
with the wonderful theme Snowfall.
And what could be better, when the snow falls,
than cuddling and warming at a cozy fireplace.
[Valerie] fireplace
 decorative fireplace with firewood and candles
wood and shabby
candle flames on / off by touch
available in dark, medium and light
 100% original Mesh + Material | copy + modify  | 4 Li
(scripts copy only)
[Snowfall] curtain / decoration
curtain with hanging, translucent spheres
3 colors included: white, blue and pink
 100% original Mesh + Material | copy + modify  | 1 Li each 
 [Winterly] wall art & word decor - Gacha
8 to collect: 6 common 2 rare
100% original Mesh + Material | transfer + modify  | 1-3 Li 

visit Sway's at The Liaison Collaborative

Advent gift #15

Advent Calendar - gift #15

 [Noel] Candle and Baubles . gold
flame on/off by touch . 1 Li . copy 




Advent gift #12

Advent Calendar - gift #12

 [Silhouette] Floor Lamp . candy cane
light on/off by touch . plugged + stand alone . 1 Li each . copy 




Fusion Magazine

Fusion Magazine is out and I am so excited because I am on the cover! And there is also an interview. 

Photo by Libby Farleigh

Advent gift #7

Advent Calendar - gift #7
Candles Fireplace . dark
lights and flames on/off by touch . 6 Li . copy



Snow cover

snow add-on [Wishing Well]

3 versions included:
with baked shadows for both bucket versions
and without shadows
(you can also add your own snow texture)
Wishing well NOT included

100% original Mesh + Material | copy + modify
Land impact 1 each

get it at Sway's
or at the Marketplace 


Advent gift #5

Advent Calendar - gift #5
 [Noel] Candle and Baubles . red


Gift box snowman

Do you want to decorate for Christmas, or are you looking for an unique gift box to pack your presents? Here is the right thing :)

For this week's FLF !
avalable in copy or transfer verions

[Snowman] stack of gift boxes

3 white square and one black round gift boxes
stacked into a snowman
with a red ribbon as scarf and a paper carrot nose.

The perfect gift packaging for your Christmas presents
or for your decoration
resizable (to fit under the Christmas tree)

available in copy + modify and transfer + modify

get it at Sway's


Advent gift #4

Advent Calendar - gift #4

[Noel] Floor Cushion . star
12 single animations . 1 Li . copy


Cozy Nook

For this round of The Arcade I have a cuddly and
cozy place for you!

[Cozy Nook]

18 to collect: 15 common and 3 rares

alcove, bed, curtain, floor pillows, rug in 3 designs:
letter, frosty and meadow
and decoration as: picture frames, books and cactus.

alcove . with string lights (scripted) . 4Li
floor pillows . 6 animations for up to 2 . 2Li
rug . texture change, plain and patterned . 2Li
bed . 10 single/friends + 3 couple animations . 4Li
curtain . texture change, plain and patterned . 4Li
all the cactus . 3 little cactus in flower pots . 2Li
all the books . 3 stack of books fits for under bed shelf . 2Li
picture frames . 3 wood colors, for 5 pictures . 1Li
100% original Mesh + Material
modify + transfer | Land impact 1-4
(scripts and animations transfer only)
50L$ per play 
 The Arcade Gacha Event - December 1st - 31th 2014
get yours here - The Arcade 

Advent gift #1

Advent Calendar - gift #1

[Door Mat] winter welcome
7 single + 3 couple animations
2 Li . copy 


Wire Christmas tree

For this round of Uber I have a Christmas themed item for you.

[Noel] wire Christmas tree

comes in 4 versions: wall decoration, wall photo holder, potted decoration and potted photo holder
with 4 texture options: gold, gold-silver, silver and silver-gold

photo holder verions have room for 5 photos

100% original Mesh + Material | copy + modify | Land impact 3
(scripts copy only)

visit Uber


Advent Calendar 2014

☆ SwayLand Advent Calendar 2014 - Gift Hunt ☆
It's Advent Calendar time! Can you believe that this is the 8th SwayLand Advent Calendar? Well to be completely honest the first one, back in 2007 was not on SwayLand because there was no SwayLand, but I made my first little Advent Calendar for my first tiny store.
So enough talk... let's get started!

from December 1st - 24th 2014
24 days, 24 gifts
same procedure as every year...
• All over the SwayLand Sim we hid Christmas baubles. (ground level only)
    Find the Christmas baubles, touch them and you get a NC with a keyword/password.
    (we did not hide all of the baubles at once. So if you do not find baubles with later dates, come back later and look for them. About half of the baubles are hidden from November 27th. The rest of them will be there by December 12th.)

• Go to the Advent Calendar and touch the Gift box with the same number,
    follow the instructions.

• Example:
    it's December 1st, search for the Christmas baubles that includes the NC with keyword/password number 1,
    go to the Advent Calendar and touch Gift box #1:
    SwayLand Advent Gift - 01: Hello
    SwayLand Advent Gift - 01: please tell me the correct password to get the gift 
    SwayLand Advent Gift - 01: type /01 'keyword/password'
    type the keyword/password in chat and you get the Advent Gift.
• All the gifts are COPY ! To avoid lag please take each gift once. You can duplicate it as often as you like.

• Please note that you can only get each Advent Calendar Gift on the right day.
    ( #1 on Dec 1. - #2 on Dec 2. - #3 on Dec 3. ... )
IMPORTANT: if some viewers may not display the whole text, please "Copy and Paste" the keyword/password to get it all!

If you missed a gift don't worry, all Advent Calendar gifts will be for sale on the following day (and until the end of the year) for a special price.

Enjoy the Christmas Time with Sway's!