Advent Calendar 2011

The year is almost over... 
But you know the best time is coming now :)

Like every year there is a special hunt at SwayLand, the
This time it's better than ever.

Every day a new gift, 24 days
from Sway's, nonino, Zacca, ToRiCo and Trifoglio

24 great, unique and beautiful gifts are waiting for you!

SwayLand Advent Calendar 2011 - Gift Hunt
from December 1st to 24th 2011

Come over, discover SwayLand, enjoy the wintery place
and find colored boxes and grab the cute and gorgeous gifts.

• All over the SwayLand Sim we hid colored Boxes with numbers.
    Find the Boxes, touch them and you get a NC with the Keyword.

• Go to the Advent Calendar and touch the Giftbox with the same number,

    follow the instructions.

• Example:

    its december 1st, search the box with the number 1,
    go to the Advent Calendar and touch Gifbox #1:
    SwayLand Advent Gift 1: Hello
    SwayLand Advent Gift 1: please tell me the correct password to get the gift 
    SwayLand Advent Gift 1: type /01 'Password'
    type the Keyword in chat and you get the Advent Gift.

• Please note that you can only get each Advent Calendar Gift on the right day.

    ( #1 on Dec 1. - #2 on Dec 2. - #3 on Dec 3. ... SL time)

IMPORTANT: if some viewers may not display the whole text, please "Copy and Paste" the Keyword to get all letters!

SwayLand アドベントカレンダー 2011 - ギフトハント 

参加ショップ:Sway's - Zacca - nonino - trifoglio - ToRiCo

• Sway Land SIMのいたるところに、番号付きのギフトボックスが隠されています。

• パスワードを手に入れたら、アドベントカレンダーギフトのあるツリーのところまで行って、

• 12月1日に1番のナンバーがついたギフトボックスを見つけて、
    SwayLand Advent Gift 1: ハロー!
    SwayLand Advent Gift 1: ギフトを受け取るために、獲得したパスワードを教えて下さい
    SwayLand Advent Gift 1: /01 'バスワード' と入力して発言してください

• ギフトは、そのナンバーの日付にしか受け取ることは出来ません。
    ( #1 は12月1日、#2 は12月2日、#3 は12月3日、という感じです )


Also visit the cozy Christmas Market.
You will find winter and christmas decoration,
furniture, clothes, jewelery and a lot more.
The perfect place to find a christmas gift for your friends, family and your very special person :)

Enjoy the winter and christmas season at SwayLand.
We wish you a wonderful time and happy hunting :))

Peace on Earth

Exclusive for Peace on Earth Hunt

Lounger [Peace]

Comes with cozy pillows and blanket
5 singe poses

copy and free


Stonebridge - winter

Many of you asked me for the SwayLand Bridge with snow...

Here it is!

Stonebridge [Winter]

with and without snow handrail.

Copy+Modify | 20 / 34 prims | 280L$

Home & Hobby at Sway's

fits perfect to the 'Pavements' from [ Zacca ] 

League of Christmas

League of Christmas
an Event by Noir Gothly

She made a wonderful winter place with lots of cute stuff.
I have a little stand there and a special item
just sold at the League of Christmas!

Trunk with Blanket [Deers]

comes with 3 poses
Cup of hot Chocolate and Plate with Doughnuts

Available only at League of Christmas

Christmas Trees

Christmas Tree

comes in silver, gold, red and blue
with and without blinking lights

Transfer | 31 Prims | 250 L$


Christmas dinner

Celebrate you Christmas with a good meal...

Sway's Dining Table & Sideboard [Christmas]

this set includes:
Table (3 prims)
Bench 1 & 2 - both with 2 pillows, each with 3 poses  (8 & 4 prims)
Advent Wreath - touch candle on / off  (21 prims)
Stocking with cutlery 4x  (5 prims)
Plate 4x  (1 prim ) 
Plate with Cake 4x  (4 prims)
Plate with Turkey 4x  (6 prims)
Water glass 4x  (1 prim)
Water glass filled 4x  (2 prims)
Wine glass 4x  (1 prim)
Wine glass filled 4x  (2 prims)
Platter with Turkey  (5 prims)
Bowl with Cranberry sauce  (3 prims)
Chocolate Pie  (20 prims)
Sideboard (4 prims)
Pinecone Candle 2x (3 prims)
Letters (4 prims)
Books 2x (1 & 2 prims)
Storage Boxes 2x (3 prims)

the set is 163 Prims in total
(but you never use all plates and glasses at the same time)

Transfer | 600 L$

Try it and buy it...
at Sway's Home & Hobby
or at the Marketplace


Christmas Tree decorating

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas tree...

Yes, it is time again to decorate your home
with some christmas glitter.

And one more time i have a rerelease, almost like the old set..
But this is better! 
Less prims and more poses and.... I'll show you :)

[Christmas Tree decorating]

comes with 4 poses and 2 animations
for two avatars

Box with Ornaments - 2 poses and 1 animation
Ornaments - 2 poses and 1 animation
touch it to change pose/animation

Ornament giver - touch to get Ornament / wear it

transfer |  44 prims | 300L$

get it at Home & Hobby at Sway's
or at the Marketplace


Snowman building

It's cold and snowy... time to build a snowman!

Maybe you remember i made a 'build a snowman' some years ago
but i thought it's time to make a new [Snowman building]

it comes with 4 poses and 2 animations
for two avatars

the perfect item to enjoy the winter and snow in SL :)

transfer | 15 prims | 300L$

get it at Home & Hobby at Sway's
or at the Marketplace

Soap Bubble

Maybe i was inspired by my last bubble bath...
But this is a big Bubble with room for you.
Take a seat and walk, run and fly through your second life.

[Soap Bubble]

Just wear the Bubble and enjoy :)
Soap Bubble comes with Animation.
(best results with AO off)

for today's Super Bargain Saturday only 60L$  


Home & Garden Market Hunt

The Home and Garden Market Hunt is here!

It's a 10L hunt full of quality gifts ranging from festive deocration,
furniture and outdoor items to full prefab builds.

For this Hunt I made the Seat Cushion [Snowflakes]
comes with a wintrily pattern, snowflake fringe and 3 poses.

keep your eyes open for the hunt apples :) 

More than 30 designers are participating,
so check out the Home and garden Market Blog for more...
you may find some hints there ;)



a brand new Gatcha is waiting for you


all letters with different poses
color change

1 prim each - modify and transfer

33L$ per play



Winter Lantern

A little Lantern lights up ...

Lantern [Winter]

comes with 6 glass options:
Landscape, Snowflakes, Skates, Snowman, Ice skater and blank

12 colors for candle

rezable and wearable versions

Home & Hobby at Sway's

Transfer | 5 prims | 75 L$


Vintage Fair 2011

Vintage Fair 2011 opens it's doors!

Here is my special for the Fair
<3 Vintage

Sofa with 14 poses - couple and single
Armchair with 7 poses
Magazines and Vase with flowers

(texture options for Sofa, Armchair, Carpet and Floorlamp)

Transfer | 33 prims total | 575L$

and a groovy gift is waiting for you as well

(Nov 11th to Dec 3rd)


quiet moment

A quiet moment the day before 'Vinatge Fair'
to show you the little gift i have for you,
available only at Vinatge Fair
November 11th to December 3rd

Summerhat Vintage - Sway's / Vintage Fair Gift

what else i wear on this photo
Dress: Brie - Ingenue
Shoes: Ixkin - Maitreya
Hair: Gabriel - Truth 

and i'm sitting on
Di's Opera - Vintage Sit
comes with 5 great poses
(for Vintage Fair)

What special item i have for the Vintage Fair... 
I will show you tomorrow ;)


Fallen Leaves

Yesterday i took a walk through a lovely tree alley,
and all the yellow, red and orange leaves hovering to the ground.
It looks so great that i decided to catch this look in SL with the

[fallen leaves] Umbrella

comes with a pose, just wear it

Special for Super Bargain Saturday  - 60L$


Beer Garden

hm... i think the time to sit in the Beer Garden
and have a fresh cold Beer with your friends is over... 
but the Home and Garden Market theme for this month is:

Celebrate your Country!

And i think Beer and Pretzels are pretty much Germany :)

[Beer Garden]

Table with 2 Chairs - each with 3 poses
Plates with Pretzel and Sausage
and Beer :)

Transfer | 23 prims | 300L$