Hi all,

Sway has been discharged from the hospital after 9 days.

Her healing process continues to be promising.

The tumor was completely removed.
The result if it was malignous or benign is still pending.

Unfortunately the right side of her face is mostly numb
and it can take up to one year to recover, but her eyesight is back to normal at least.

The reconvalescence period has begun and will last for about three months.

Hopefully after that she will be as good as new:-)

Please understand the she's only allowed to use her PC for 15 min / day .
Obviously that's not nearly enough time to work, but she might write an email
or say 'Hello' on  PLURK.

She told me to thank you all for the nice and encouraging comments regarding my initial post.



Hi all,

Sway's operation lasted almost 7 hours and it seems that the doctors did a good job.

Two hours ago I was able to talk to her on the phone for a few minutes and,
considering the severity of the procedure, I had a very good impression of her condition.

Even though she's obviously still a little dizzy, we can get our hopes up and our spirits lifted .

I guess it will take a few weeks until you will get another Blog entry from her,
but if anything major needs to be communicated, I will do it for her.