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Animal Topiaries

Whimsical just started!

[Animal] Topiary

Topiaries in animal shape
2 versions, with and without lights

Butterfly in Flowerpot
Snail in Flowerpot
Dragon (rare)
100% original Mesh + Material | modify + transfer | 1-8 Li
10 to collect | 2 rares | 50L$ per play
Happy Gacha-ing at Whimsical!




It's Fifty Linden Friday!
[Laurel] Window Blinds

Blinds in narrow and wide version
open, closed and up position by menu
4 wood options: birch, oak, rosewood and ebony
and 4 metal options: ruby, banana, ocean and coal
narrow 2 Li, wide 4 Li

[Rowan] Bench

Wooden Bench for 3
with 16 Single / Friends animations for up to 3 avatars
and 8 couple animations

8 texture options for Blanket and Pillows
5 Li
100% original Mesh + Material
copy + modify
(scripts and animations - copy only)





Time to Rewind... this round we're going back to Punk.

[Iggy] Armchairs & Picture Frame

Armchair A with pillow in center and 12 single animations
Armchair B with pillow in corner and 12 single animations
animations in these 2 armchairs are different

both armchairs in Plaid and Vinyl
4 texture options each

Gear Picture Frame
for 2 of your own photos

Available as set and separately
100% original Mesh + Material | 12 Li
copy + modify
(scripts and animations - copy only)


Cottage for the Buidler's Box

I am so excited to tell you about the Builder's Box.
It's a quarterly subscription box for lovers of architecture. Full of stylish homes and skyboxes.
Sway's is part of the Builder's Box August and I made my first House. A single room Cottage with loft. 

[Arthur] Cottage

A single room house with a loft.
It comes in 6 exterior colors:
sky, grass, ocean, sun, berry and natural
each one has 12 interior options, different colors and pattern.
Only the owner can change the textures.

The Cottage has a very good LoD, is low on Land impact (23 Li) and comes with a custom physics shape.

There is also a ladder (1 Li) to reach the loft, it is unlinked so you can place it wherever you like (or don't use it at all).
As you prefer.

Footprint: 12.5 x 9
Height: 7.3

100% original Mesh + Material | 24 Li
custom LoD + Physics
copy + modify
(scripts - copy only)
The [Arthur] Cottage is exclusive and only available in the
Buidler's Box August.
You can purchase the Builder's Box August at Sway's, at the Builder's Box HQ and on the Marketplace.