Art in a Box


6 new Poses in a Box
Poses adjustable
Box- color change and resizeable

Dressed at Sway's


SwayLand Mushroom Hunt

it's hunting time at SwayLand

Mushroom Hunt
September 24th - November 1st

get a special Gift...

*Mushrooms on Moss - with 3 Poses*


- Search for the Mushrooms hidden around the SwayLand Sim.

- When you find one, move fairly close and touch it.
You'll receive a confirmation message telling you how many you need to find.

- When you have found them all, return to the
SwayLand Starting Place and touch the big Mushroom to claim your prize!

Happy Hunting!
Sway :-)



Wooden Cart

First i was building this wooden Cart for me as Autumn decoration...
but some of you ask me if i will sell it.. and yes, i do!

here it is, the old style Wooden Cart

comes in a normal and a broken version for 150 L$

Home & Hobby at Sway's


Puppet Theater

Be the Actor of your own play...
hear a round of applause from the Audience...

Puppet Theater

comes with:
Theater with 6 Poses
(texture change curtain)

3 Audience Cushion
(each with 2 Poses)

12 Puppets
(6 for left and 6 for right hand)

Prince, Princess, Clown, Girl, Grandpa and Witch

enjoy the Show :))

Home & Hobby at Sway's


Embroidery Pillow

Days getting shorter and colder...
it's nice to stay in the warm and do some needlework

Embroidery Pillow

colorable Pillow with 6 Poses
(3 Chair & 3 Floor)

2 Embroidery Hoop with 10 Textures
(wear & decoartion)

Basket with Yarn
Needle (wear)

Home & Hobby at Sway's


more Chestnuts

You want to have the cute Chestnut People with you?
You can! With the wearable Chestnuts...

Home & Hobby at Sway's

Mr. & Mrs. Chestnut

when i was a kid i made lil Chestnut People...
so why not also in SL!

meet Mr. & Mrs. Chestnut :)

for sure in SL they are bigger then i made them when i was a kid ;)
so you can use them as decoration...

meet them at Sway's Home & Hobby


Grape stomping

the Grapes are ripe...
so take off your shoes and make some Vine :)

Grape Stomping

Set includes:
Grape stomping Trough with Ladder and Bucket

2 stomp Animations
1 Ladder Pose
1 Bucket Pose

Barrel with Grapes
2 Backpacks with Grapes (1 for decoration, 1 to wear)

Grapevine 4 white, 4 red, 2 leaves

Home & Hobby at Sway's


fly a Kite

its alomost Autumn... best time to fly a Kite

they come single for 75 L$ or all together for 175L$

just wear the Kite and have fun :)

Home & Hobby at Sway's


in the Hay

have fun in the Hay with your Friends

3 Hay bales each with 3 different poses
(all in all 9 poses)

Hay ground

2 wooden Boxes with Apples
(gives Apple by touch)

empty wooden Box

find it at Sway's Home & Hobby


its Pumpkin Time

days get colder... leaves start changin color... its Pumpkin time :)

... time to get some nice Pumpkins

... preparing for Halloween

and have fun with your Friends...

with the Pumpkin Carving Set!
includes: Table with Lantern and 2 Stumps
(each with 4 Poses)

Basket with Pumpkins
(gives Pumpkins and Knifes by touch - wear with the Poses)

Pumpkin decoration, Knifes, sliced Pumpkins and Bucket

have fun :))) Sway

try and buy it at Sway's Home & Hobby


Outfit Laura

Knitted Shirt & Jeans Skirt

Knitted Shirt in 10 colors
each contains 2 Jeans Skirts (black and blue)

Dressed at Sway's