Bubblegum Weekend #7

time for colored hair :))

Hair & Hat - Maitreya
Skin - Curio
Glasses - Reek
Cigarette - FNKY!
Shirt - Maitreya

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Super Bargain Weekend

It's the first Super Bargain Weekend

and i have 3 items for you...
first the new one

Beach Towel [Starfish]
comes with 2 animations and 2 poses
Beachbag with Summerhat, Magazines, Sunscreen and Flipflpos

and two items from the last weeks:

Picture Wall - head in hole - [Mermaid]
2 poses for you and your friend... be a Mermaid ;)

Easy Chair with 3 poses, Blanket and Pillow

all items are: Transfer | 60 L$

Taxi to Super Bargain Weekends



New Summerhat [Mariska]

comes in 8 colors
stripes and dotts
with color change hatband

Copy | Modify | 125 L$ each color
also available as Mega Pack with all colors

Dressed at Sway's

Summer Gatcha Fest

It's Summer Gatcha Fest at Albero
7/27 - 8/31

for the first round i have some Summer Bikinis in my Gatcha machine

Flower - Palm - Ocean
Transfer | 45 L$

TP to Summer Gatcha Fest


Bubblegum Weekend #6

It's Sunday and i had a BBQ in my garden...
a bubblegum barbecue ;)

Hair - Truth
Skin - Curio
Outfit & Hairflower - Sway's
Snow cone & Picnic Table - nonino
BBQ Food - ToRiCo
Outdoor Kitchen - Zacca

all items from the Watermelon Hunt at SwayLand
except hair and skin

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Watermelon Hunt - Gifts

The Watermelon Hunt is going on at SwayLand...

here i show you the rewards for hunting for watermelon slices

Stephanie top from Ayla's
a lovely, sexy summer top :)

from nonino you get a Picnic Table with animations for 4 persons
and some yummy Snow cones

ToRiCo made the yummy BBQ food set
with Plates, Juice, Spice...
T-bone, Spit Roast, Ham, Sausage and Pizza

from Zacca you'll get the pefect Garden Kitchen for this Food set

Aloha outfit for her & him from Sway's
Shorts and Strawhat for Him
Skirt, Bikini Top and Hairflower for Her

You see, there are 5 good reasons to hunt for watermelon slices :)

Happy hunting... and show us your pictures from the hunt in the Flickr group

Taxi to the Watermelon Hunt

and here more Hunt information


Watermelon Hunt

It's hunting time at SwayLand

Watermelon Hunt
July 23rd - August 7th

Find watermelon slices and win special gifts from
Ayla's, nonino, Sway's, ToRiCo and Zacca!

• All over the SwayLand Sim we've hidden Watermelon slices.
Find the Watermelon slices, touch them and you will get a NC.
In some you'll find a password but some are empty ;)

• Go to the main Hunt place and touch the Giftbox from that
shop you found the Password,then follow the instructions.

• Example: you found the Password from Sway's
go to Sway's Giftbox and touch it...

Sway's GiftBox: Hello
Sway's GiftBox: This is Sway's Box, please tell me the correct password to get the gift
Sway's GiftBox: type /07 'Password'
type the password in chat and you will get the Hunt Gift.

• Please note that you can only get each Gift with the right password

if some viewers may not display the whole text,
please "Copy and Paste" the password to get all letters!

Happy hunting and enjoy the Summer at SwayLand :))

Taxi to the Watermelon Hunt


Hawaii Shorts

Hawaii Shorts for Her & Him

comes in hawaii-flower pattern in 8 fresh colors
for ladies and gentlemen :)

Copy | prims Modify | 100 L$ each color
each pack includes the male and female version
also available as Mega Pack with all colors

Dressed at Sway's


new Designer at SwayLand

There's a new shop in town...
or let's say better at SwayLand!

Ayla's by Ayla Verity

She's a very talented designer in fashion.
She has her own style from casual across sexy up to the cocktail dress for the evening.

Im verry proud to welcome her at SwayLand...
Check her store and see yourself!
There you'll find also a gatcha with a lovely shirt and at her subscriber is waiting a special gift.

What are you waiting for? ah... here's the Taxi to Ayla's :)

Enjoy, Sway


Bubblegum Weekend #5

Yummy icecream
for the Bubblegum Weekend :))

Sunglasses - Sway's
Hair - Truth
Shirt - Surf Couture
Tongue - RC
Skin - Curio
Icecream - already eaten ;)

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Mermaid for SBS

Picture Wall
- head in hole -

2 poses for you and your friend... be a Mermaid ;)

60L$ for Super Bargain Saturday


This weeks designers are:

Kis Kis

.:* LOULOU&CO *:.

The sea Hole

::Para Designs::

Berries Inc.

Haute Monde

Argyle Anonymous

VIP Gift

A special Gift for the Members of Sway's VIP group!

Seat Cushions and Table [Folklore]

it comes with 2 seat cushions
each with 3 different poses
a little table with 2 teacandles
and a bowl with water and flowers.

grab yours at Home & Hobby at Sway's
keep in mind to wear the group tag

you'r not a Sway's VIP member?
search groups for Sway's VIP and join us :))




Opening July 14th - July 28th

Do you want to be unique in SL?
Here's your chance!

Today is the Opening of B.UNIQUE!

4 designer offers a special limited edition item
they will be sold only for 2 weeks and 50 copies only

Ayla Verity from Ayla's

Dress Sophia
with 2 skirt options
copy + modify | 255 L$


SySy Chapman from SySy's

Gypsy Lady set
copy + modify | 250 L$


Sway Dench from Sway's

Beach Chair [Sandy]
with 8 poses, blanket, drinks and magazines
transfer | 450L$


Ephedra Loon from DCD

Shabby Chic Bow Necklace
copy + modify | 199 L$

visit B.UNIQUE


From July 28th every week one designer will offer 50 copies of a unique item !!!
Join the SL group to be the first who get the information.
Search for B.UNIQUE in groups.
And check the Flickr group


Beach Towel

Beach Towel

with 2 animations and 1 pose to sunbathe
each with 3 textures: fish, stripes and flowers

comes in
red/yellow - blue/green - pink/purple - black/white

Transfer | 125 L$ | 2 prims

Home & Hobby at Sway's


Bubblegum Weekend #4

you see funny and crazy colors...
means it is Bubblegum Weekend :)

Today i show you my favorite summer dress.
It's the brandnew release and a Moody Monday special from Ayla's.

And these lovely Flipflops i will wear the whole summer ;)

Dress - Ayla's Bella dress in rust and aqua
Jacket - Ayla's Bella bolero
Hair - Truth and Raspberry
Flipflops - Maitreya

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Lets go to the beach...

Need some sunscreen, something to read,
sunglasses and some other stuff?
It's all in the new
Beachbag [Summer]

Comes in 8 lovely patterns
wearable on hand and shoulder

Copy | 175 L$ each color
also available as Mega Pack with all colors

Dressed at Sway's