Surgery on Thursday!

Surgery on Thursday!
I have a new surgery date... Thursday, February 28th.

Actually, I don't know what to say... you all know what it is about and I am too nervous to find a thought.
At 11 am (2 am SLT) tomorrow I have to be in hospital.

I have no computer or internet in hospital. My best RL friend Tom, will keep you informed on this blog.

Thank you all so so much for the good wishes, prayers and thoughts.
I greatly appreciate it!

huge hugs... ♥ Sway

Candy Bears for the Arcade

For the March round of the Arcade Gtacha
I have some very special Cookie Bears for you.

Collectors Edition - Cookie Bear [Candy Bear]

wearable (with holding pose) and rezable
12 colors
24 Candy Bears to collect

confetti*, sunshine, saffron, strawberry, bubblegum, lavender, sky, night, ocean, moss, forest, rainbow* (*rare)

Mesh | 1 Li | transfer | 25 L$ per play

The Arcade - March 1st - 31st 2013
get yours here - Sway'a at The Arcade



I changed the Subscriber system and thought it is time for a special subscriber Gift!

Home, sweet home

Mesh | 1 Li | copy
free for all existing and new subscribers



Wallart for Memories

with 5 pictures 'LOVE'
or for your own memories and pictures

original mesh | copy + modify | 150 L$ | 2 Li
get yours at Sway's


Cupcakes and roses

Valentines Day exclusive
have a Cupcake [Rose]

Cakestand with Cupcakes
Plate with Cupcake and Coffe Mug
Plate and Mug empty / finished
Wall art Love and Amour
in 2 sizes
Cakestand, Pleates and Mugs with rose decor
original mesh | copy | 175 L$ | 5 Li total
get yours at Sway's
at the Marketplace