Halloween Group Gift

It's Halloween!!!
i thought thats a good reason for a special Group Gift :)

Happy Halloween, Sway :)


Hoody Stella

another cuddly Sweater... Hoody Stella

comes in 10 fresh colors
with Hood.. but you can also wear the Sweater without the Hood ;)

Dressed at Sway's


Sweater Renata

Renata is a cuddly, cute Sweater for the cold Days in SL...

5 colors with 5 motives

in each pack you get 2 Sweaters
one with and one without Motive,
Collar and Cuffs.

Dressed at Sway's


Fortune Teller

You want to know how your SL future looks like?
hm... im sorry i can't tell you -
but you can try with this FORTUNE TELLER Set :)

it comes with:

Table with Candles, Tarotcards, Cristal Ball and Voodoo Doll

2 Stools, each with 3 different Poses

Voodoo Doll to wear with extra Pose

Tablecloth and Stoolpillows with Texture change
Menu controlled Pose changer

you all have a great future ... Sway :))

Home & Hobby at Sway's




6 new Poses in a Martini Glass

Poses adjustable
Drink - color change

Dressed at Sway's

Gatcha Fall Specials

its Gatcha time again...

the Fall Specials are:

* Spooky Shirt - Skull *
* Kite with Pose *
* Mr. Chestnut Shoulder *

each one for 50 L$ in the Gatcha Machine here

all of this items are TRANSFER ...
so you can share them with your Friends

enjoy ... Sway


get well...

Get Well Pillow

you can place this Pillow wherever you like...
on your Sofa or Bed or ...

and i hope you get well very soon :)

Pillow with 4 Poses

Tissue Box - gives Tissue by touch

Hot Water Bag (1 to wear, 1 decoration)

clinical Thermometer (1 to wear, 1 decoration)

Bed Tray with Tea, Tissue Pack & Thermometer

also separate Tissue Packs, Thermometer and a Cup of Tea

Texture changer in Pillows, Hot Water Bag and Tissue Box

Home & Hobby at Sway's


Lemonade Stand

Lemonade Stand

Lemonade Stand gives Glass with Lemonade
Wooden Box Seat with 3 Poses

Wooden Box with Lemon
Lemonade Ewer
2 Glasses with Lemonade
empty Glasses

Home & Hobby at Sway's


Dirndl 'Marie'

Dirndl 'Marie'

comes in 8 pastel colors

with puff Sleeves and Skirt with Apron

Dressed at Sway's


Spooky Special

Here is a Spooky Special for you :))

Frazzled Shirts with Spooky Motives


just for a short Time

Dressed at Sway's


and don't miss the SwayLand