Wood and Floral

Floral Armchairs and wooden Room Divider for Fifty Linden Friday

[Bertha] Armchair . spring

Armchair with pillow
10 single animations and 3 floral texture options
4 Li

[Bertha] Room Divider

Room Divider / Folding Screen
with lamella
4 wood texture options
4 Li each
100% original Mesh + Material
copy + modify
(scripts - copy only)




SwayLand Easter Hunt 2018

It's Spring and Easter is just around the corner.
That is the best time for a SwayLand hunt.

SwayLand Easter Hunt
March 23rd - April 08th 2018

Hop over to SwayLand, touch the sign by the big Easter Egg present (near the landing point).
It will give you a HUD and an information Notecard.
Wear the HUD and start hunting for Easter Eggs.
Once you found them all and all the white eggs on your HUD are colorful, touch the big Easter Egg present and get your exclusive SwayLand Easter gift.
 Happy Hunting
Easter Hunt Gift: Flower Pot Bunnies

Flower Pot with Bunny and Flowers
in Cotton, Mocha and Charcoal
100% original Mesh + Material 
copy + modify
3 Li each 


Blogger search

Sway's is looking for Bloggers!

You are a passionate Blogger and enjoy taking photos
in Second Life, you love to decorate your virtual
Home and Garden with products from Sway's?

I am looking for you!

Please apply here: Sway's Blogger Application

Good Luck :)


Spotlight - March

Sway's SPOTLIGHT is a new Mainstore Event at Sway's!

For one month, starting today, one product is in the spotlight.
50% off for Sway's V.I.P. Members
and 15% off for Everbody!
Only for one month. On the 5th of the following month another item will be in the SPOTLIGHT. 

Sway's SPOTLIGHT March 

[Ursula] Vertical Garden Bench . Oak
 in PG and Adult version

vertical garden bench with hanging flowerpots and buckets
pillows with 10 texture options

18 single/friends animations for up to 3 avatars
12 couple animations
Adult version + 6 adult animations 

100% original Mesh + Material
copy + modify
(scripts and animations - copy only)





For this round of the Arcade I have shelves from A-Z ...
and some more.

[Letter] Wall Shelf

29 to collect | 3 rares* | 1 Li each

Wall Shelf
Letters A-Z, &, ! and ?
all in white and with a color option
also all of them are tintable

[Letter] Wall Shelf . Reward

:) Wall Shelf
in white and with a color option, also tintable
empty and with decoration
1 / 4 Li

Arcade Gacha Reward for playing the Sway's [Letter] Wall Shelf
Machine 25 times
100% original Mesh + Material 
Gacha - modify + transfer | Reward - copy + modify
Happy Gacha-ing at The Arcade