Gatcha Gatcha

It's Gatcha time at ALBERO + Cioccolata!
I made some Special Tank Tops
with the cute Kokeshi dolls.

The TankTops are transfer, so you can share them with friends :)

Pay the Gatcha Machine (35L$) and get one of the exclusive Tanktops...

Have fun, Sway

Albero + Cioccolata Event Park


Easter Hunt Gifts

SwayLand Easter Hunt

April 17th - April 26th

2 exclusive gifts
from Zacca & Sway's

A beautiful Covered Wagon from Zacca

and a wearable funny Chicken from Sway's

Happy hunting :))
at SwayLand


Easter Hunt

SwayLand Easter Hunt

April 17th - April 26th

find 10 colored eggs
win two exclusive gifts
from Zacca & Sway's

° Search for the 'SwayLand 'Easter eggs''
hidden around the SwayLand Sim, Sway's and PLUTO+.

° When you find one, move fairly close and touch it.
You'll receive a confirmation message
telling you how many you need to find.

° When you have found them all,
return to the SwayLand 'Easter Hunt' Starting Place
and touch it to claim your prizes!

Happy hunting :))


Easter decoration

Easter decoration for your Home or to gift are here :)

Funny Chicken

comes with texture change menu

9 prims | transfer

Vase Easter

with colored eggs

texture change menu: yellow, red, blue, purple and colored

12 prims | transfer

Check this and other Easter items at Sway's


Kokeshi #2

more Kokeshi

new cute, japanese dolls...
and you can also hug this one...
decorate with it or gift it :))

3 decoration Dolls - small, medium and large
3 prim each | transfer | 150L$

wearable Kokeshi
3 prims | transfer | 100L$

Kokeshi Picture Frame
4 prims | transfer | 75L$

Get yours here - Home & Hobby at Sway's


Kokeshi #1


Cute, japanese dolls...
hug them, decorate with them
or make a present for your friends :)

wearable Kokeshi
3 prims | transfer | 100L$

Kokeshi Picture Frame
4 prims | transfer | 75L$

3 decoration Dolls - small, medium and large
3 prim each | transfer | 150L$

find the cute Kokeshi dolls here:
Home & Hobby at Sway's


new SwayLand Map

Some things changed so it was time for a new
SwayLand Map

-painted by noni Troncon-

SwayLand is:
Sway's - Zacca
ToRiCo, noni's Cafe and the Village with
Riviera Couture, Shiki,
Tiny Bits and Paradise Pets...

But not just a place to go shopping.
You find lovely spots to relax and enjoy.
Discover SwayLand!

At the landing point (Park) you get a Map HUD,
just wear it, touch where you want to go and TP.
Never get lost with this Map HUD :)

Sway's & PLUTO+ at SwayLand


Cherry Blossom

We, Cross, Noni and i wanted to make a
special Cherry Blossom Event at SwayLand.

You all know about the serious situation in Japan.

Thats why our big event is canceled.
But i would like to give my Cherry Blossom Items to a special price.
All donated to the Japanese Earthquake Relief ( Red Cross) !

If you like the Items, please buy them. Lets all help Japan.

Lantern [Hanami]
Paper Lanterns in small, medium and large
6 prims / copy / 250 L$

Vase [Cherry Blossom]
12 prims / transfer / 150 L$

Picnic Blanket [Hanami]
with 3 Pillows / 3 Poses
4 prims / transfer / 150 L$

You can find all this items
and also some specials from "Zacca"
under the Cherry Blossom Trees in the Park.

SwAynimation Gift

Swaynimation gift for PoseFair 2011

Taxi - Pose Fair