The Challenge startet a new round with the theme 'light'.

[Silhouette] Floor lamp

floor lamp shaped board with light bulb

plain wood and patterned
plugged and stand-alone versions included

light on / off by touch

comes in 8 colors
100% original Mesh + Material | copy + modify | Li 1 
(scripts copy only)

first week of June - 20% off
(only at Sway's Mainstore)



out for Fifty Linden Friday is this cute new 
[Birdcage] Photo holder

metal wire birdcage photo holder with clothespins
space for 5 pictures

comes in 2 versions:
copper / copper patina and silver / silver patina

100% original Mesh + Material | copy + modify | Li 1

after the event this item will be in shop for the regular price 



The Men's Dept. opened it's doors!
I have a very special Armchair and Lamp shelf for you:

[Venk] LampShelf

with plain and striped lamp shade
light on / off by touch

decorated with books, magazine and a unique baseball
signed by two of your favorite (SL) players,
Stephen Venkman and Sway Dench ;)

empty version included

100% original Mesh + Material | copy + modify  | 1 / 3 Li
(scripts copy only)

[Venk] Armchair

with pillows
14 single, 7 couple animation
Adult version + 5 adult animations

100% original Mesh + Material | copy + modify  | 2 Li
(scripts and animations copy only)


Petal fountains and flowerpot wind chimes

Today starts the Fantasy Gacha Carnival! You find there tons of great and cute items. Two are from Sway's :)

[Flowerpot] Wind Chimes

 Upside down hanging flower pots with beads and
butterfly ornament. Sound and rotation by touch.
10 to collect:
sky, candy*, lime, plum, colorful*, mint,
sun, black&white*, ocean and kiss

Mesh + Material | 1 Li | modify + transfer | 50 L$ per play
[Petal] Fountain 
 petal shaped layer fountain
water sound by touch
10 to collect:
feesia, amaryllis, fuchsia, lilac, gentian, tweedia, calla, ivy
and earth* and rainbow* have floating roses and leaves

Mesh + Material | 2/3 Li | modify + transfer | 50 L$ per play
  *rare | scripts - transfer only

and happy gacha-ing!