Village Easter Egg Hunt

Starting now !!!
Sway's Village Easter Egg Hunt

Participating Stores:
Aurora Borealis
Pet Paradise
Shiki Designs
Hydi's Stuff
Dedrie Design
Sway's Creations
Thistle Homes


Bunny Hop @ Sway's

The Bunny Hop
Second Life Easter Grid Wide Hunt
3/27 ~ 4/19

find the Bunny Hop Egg and grab a special Price!

cuddly EggBunny
with color change menu

Easter Outfit
shirt with easter motive, shorts with belt. mini pleated skirt, socks

Have fun... Sway

Sway's Creations inWorld
The Bunny Hop


Easter Nest Hunt

March 20th - April 14th

Search for the Sway's Easter Nests hidden around the Sways Creations Sim.

When you find one, move fairly close and touch it. You'll receive a confirmation message telling you how many you need to find.

When you have found them all, return to the big Sway's Easter Nest and touch it to claim your prize!

Happy Hunting!
Sway :-)


Easter at Sway's

its time for coloring eggs and decorate for easter
here are some new Animations, Cookie Bears and Decorations for you SL Easter :-)

Easter Egg Coloring - Animation Set

Table, 2 Chairs (texture change menu)
2 Egg Coloring Animations
Basket with Easter Eggs (touch to get Eggs and Paint Brushes)
Egg Carton, Eggs, Color Tubes, Bowls with Color,
Glass with Brushes and Pens, Brushes, Colored Eggs

Cookie Bear 'Easter Egg Coloring' - Girl & Boy

plush teddy bears
with eggs, painting brush and color tubes

EggBunny Trio

3 cute EggBunnies
with color change menu

big Easter Eggs Decoration
2 Styles:
group of 3 colored eggs and pair of easter eggs
with shadow

Marketstand Easter Egg
2 Sculpted Egg halves with 3 shelves
color change menu

hope you like it :-)


Fishing at Sway's

Fishing with the 7Seas fishing game at Sways Creations

catch some special prices from Sway's
and have a good time !

Cookie Bears Fishing

some new Cookie Bears!

Fishing Girl an Boy

with Hat, fishing rod, crate and bucket with fish

KATRINA Summer Hat

here it is...
the Summer Hat for the KATRINA Dress...

sun - orange - cherry - pink
plum - sky - aqua - apple - fir - licorice

with colored and white band and bow

resize and texture change menu


New Shop

Sway's Tiny Bits

a new Shop by Sway's for all LOCO POCO Friends
all tiny news here: Sway's-TinyBits Blog


Special Gift

** SpecialGift ***
a special St. Patrick's Day lucky present
is waiting for you at the Marketplace....

KATRINA - Special Dress - CLOVER
flexi Skirts (long and mini)
Belts green and black

also the hat for your Clover dress :-)


Flower Dress 'KATRINA'

Another beautiful Dress for Springtime...

flexi Skirts (long and mini)
Belts withe and colored

They are available in 10 different colors:
sun - orange - cherry - pink - plum - sky - aqua - apple - fir - licorice

you can also have all colors in a multi pack saving 25%

St. Patrick's Day

A little bit of green for the upcoming St. Patrick's Day!

St. Patrick's Day Hat for Her and Him
moss and fir green with resize menu

Special St. Patrick's Day Cookie Bears
Girl and Boy
with Hat and Clover

green greetz... Sway


Sneak Peek

finally springtime is here...

many fresh new Products to celebrate and enjoy the Spring...
such as... Picnic Blanket, colorfull Fashion and cute Cookie Bears.

a sneak peek at upcoming events and items...
Grid Wide Hunt - Bunny Hop
Special Easter Egg Hunt by Sway's
Eaterly Cookie Bears,
new Animation Sets
and a bunch of funny Decoration
to pep up your home for Easter time...

don't forget that our
Special Sale
is still running at the Fashion Shop..

so jump over and grab it :)



Sway's Star - February

Photos of the Month - February

Congratulation to
Annah Whitfield, Erin Kass & Cerrie Jan

enjoy your Sway's Creations Gift :-)

who will be the winners next month.... take part