Sway's Picnic Blanket [Together]

Blanket with Pillows
6 couple atatic poses and 4 couple animations
self rezzing, playable Guitar
Blanket gives wearable props as 
Cherries and Wine (copy and transfer)

Single Pillow
2 single static poses and 6 single animations
self rezzing, playable Guitar 

Picnic Basket, Cheeseboard, Wine Bottle with glasses,
Bowl with Cherries and Guitar

Prim count: 
Blanket with pillows - 5 prims, single pillow - 1 prim, Basket - 8 prims
Wine - 5 prims, Cheeseboard - 4 prims, Cherries - 5 prims, Guitar - 5 prims

copy | 425L$ | 33 Land Impact

Exclusive for Home & Garden Expo

Summer House

Sway's House [Summer 2012]

This House comes with window shutters, marquiss on front,
roof terrace with grass, ladder, little garden with grass and fence,
wall with climbing ivy and graffiti.

Two versions are included
Version 1: all linked - Land impact 72

Since the new Viewer it is possible to link phantom and non phantom prims. 
This way the whole house has less prims. 
I don't know if this is a SL glitch thats why I put the second version in this package.

Version 2: two parts (phantom part and normal part)
Land impact 98

Footprint 14m x 12,5m - hight 11,4m

copy + modify | 500L$ | 72 Land Impact

Exclusive for Home & Garden Expo

come on Board

Come on Board of this lovely Kids Bed!

Sway's Kids Bed [Aboard]

Bed with Pillows and Blankets
Canopy and Bunting
7 static poses and 2 animations
self rezzing props ad Boat, Book and covering Blanket

Pouf with Pillow
6 static poses

Bed Table, Lighthouse Lamp (touch on / off), 
Life Belt, Deco Boat, Book and Storrage Box.

This Bed is made for Kids or small Avatars.
The poses and animations are adjustable
but maybe for taller avatars they dont work correct.

Prim count:
Bed - 10 prims, Pouf - 3 prims, Bed table - 3 prims, Lamp - 3 prims
Boat - 2 prims, Book - 1 prim, Storrage box - 1 prim, Life belt - 2 prims

copy | 385 L$ | 25 Land Impact

Exclusive for Home & Garden Expo


Sway's at Home & Garden Expo

Home and Garden Expo 2012 and Sway's is there!

I made a lot new items for this special event.
Here is a overview of the new and exclusive designs.

Lets start with the donation items,
100% goes to Relay for Life / American Cancer Society

Deckchair [Vacation] 
comes with 4 poses, stool and magazines, drink and sunglasses

Lawn Chair [Peace] 
Lawn Chair and Guitar 
10 poses and 1 play guitar animation
self rezzing playable guitar

Picture Frames [Triple]
for Expo Hunt 3 styles and 2 sizes
(search for a little cupcake) 

(There is to much news for one post,
details about the other exclusives coming in the following posts)


last SBS sale

A great event is ending.
This week is the last Super Bargain Saturday ever.

All items I ever made for this event
are again out for sale for 60L$, 
decoration, furniture, props and poses, accessories,
holliday items and more.
Come on over and grab the bargain,
you find all SBS items from Sway's
on the roof terrace at Home & Hobby.

Special thanks to Clementine Ishtari
for all the work and this great event. 
I'm looking forward to the next :)


Roses for you

Here is the cute Bottle Vase with Roses 

Bottle Wall Vase [Rose]

Bottle comes empty, with 1 rose and with 2 roses
with and without shadow
2 metal options and 6 rose color options
(white, cream, yellow, pink, rose and red)
primcount with and without shadow: empty 5/4 - 1 rose 9/8 - 2 roses 12/11 prims
copy | SBS 60L$ - this Saturday only

 if you missed the Tulips... find it here: Bottle Wall Vase [Tulip]


Spring Furniture Hunt

On The Inside SL - Spring Furniture Hunt
another hunt with a new special item

Cage Lamp [Bird]
light on / off by touch
small and large version

read more about this hunt and see what other designers participating

search for a little table - hint: up and down