Beach Love

It's very hot here in germany
and i wish i was on the Beach :)

Thats why i made this new Beachhouse!

Beach Love

House with Furniture and Decoration

House with working door and shutter - 30 prims
(footprint 7,5 x 8,5)

2 Deckchairs each with 4 different poses - 2 prims each

Table with drinks and book with glasses - 15 prims with decoration

Bench with 2 different poses on each pillow - 3 prims

Stairtowel with 3 poses - 2 prims

Life Belt, Summerhat, Chair Towel, 2 Surfboards,
floating tire, Beachball, Flipflops, Suncream, folded Towel,
Pole Towel and Beachbag.
(whole set - with house, furniture and decoration - 83 prims)

Transfer | 800 L$ | 15% off for Sway's VIP's

Home & Hobby at Sway's

enjoy the summer :))
xo Sway


Yesterday i was shopping and
there was a lady with a really bright facelight.
It was so annoying and i thought how this would look in RL...

Would we hold a flashlight in the face?
Here it is... The real life SL facelight ;)

Have fun :))

Transfer| 33 L$

Dressed at Sway's


Bubblegum Weekend

Yay, it's Weekend...
time for some Bubblegum :))

this lovely, funny and crazy colors comes from:

Shirts - Ayla's Maretch top in pink-lemon and blue-green
(for Moody Monday)

Sunglasses - Sway's [Ayla] in yellow and purple

Hair - Truth Danni and Emily

read more about the Bubblegum Weekends



It's warm, the sun is shining... it's summer!
Time to wear some Sunglasses.

Sunglasses [Ayla]

comes plain and with dots

4 options to wear:
eyes - head - mouth - cleavage

Copy & Modify | 150 L$ each color
also available as Mega Pack with all colors

Dressed at Sway's


Cabinet & Cupboard

Cabinet & Cupboard [Flower]

comes in white and in brown wood
with working drawers and door
and decoration...

Picture Frames -wood and color change version
Candles with flower shaped holder
Vase with tulips
Storage Boxes with different lables
(Photos, Candles,Stuff)
Storage Box with Candles

Prims: Cabinet - 5 | Cupboard - 3 | Picture Frame - each 2
Candle with holder - each 3 | Vase with tulips - 10
Storage boxes - each 1 | Box with candles - 6 | Books - 3

Transfer | 200 L$

Home & Hobby at Sway's



I am on vacation from june 1st to june 6th!

No computer for this time,
so i'm not able to respond to your IM or email.
I will reply all your IM and email when i am back
thanks for your patience...

kisses, Sway