more Tropical

For today's FLF I have the perfect fit for the 
Agwe Set that was realeased last week.

[Agwe] moon Chair . tropical
 Moon Chair with wicker base and pillow
10 Single and 8 Couple animations
6 Chair and 6 Pillow texture options
8 Li

[Agwe] Tapestry . tropical

Tapestry with 14 texture options
2 designs, each in 7 colors
(everything textured, no invisible parts)
5 Li

100% original Mesh + Material 
copy + modify
(scripts and animations - copy only)




TLC's theme this round is 'The Islands'
So here is a set to make your home a tropical place.

[Agwe] Sofa, Table & Vase Set

PG and Adult version avalable
Sofa with 14 single and 8 couple animations
Adult version + 8 adult animations

6 Blanket and 3 Pillows texture options
for pattern and plain version

Side Table - small bamboo table

Vase with Monstera leaves
with 8 texture options

Available as set and separately

100% original Mesh + Material | 15 Li Set
copy + modify
(scripts and animations - copy only)


Watermelon and Boardwalk

For FLF I have two brand new items for you.
A lovely and super cute Beach Towel and Bag
and a Boardwalk set to build your own path on the beach or wherever you like.
[Sandia] Beach Towel & Bag
 Beach towel - Watermelon with 10 animations
3 texture options: red, pink and yellow
2 Li

Beach Bag filled with sun screen, sun glasses and scarf
4 texture options: blank, cactus, watermelon and pineapple.
 2 Li
 [Lane] Boardwalk

8 diverse parts:
straight, bend, corner, T, short end, long end,
triangle corner and cross
all parts with physics and great LoD

cross 2 Li, all other parts 1 Li

100% original Mesh + Material 
copy + modify (scripts - copy only)



On The Beach

Blue sky, the sun is shining and the temperature is up.
What better place to be than on the beach!

For the June round of The Arcade I have a snuggly place on the beach for you and your sweetheart or to hang out with your friends or just enjoy the summer by yourself.

[On The Beach]

23 to collect | 5 rares*

Shelter* comes with 4 texture options
Floor with Blankets* in boho and natural with 6 single and 6 couple animations
Cushion in boho and natural comes with 6 single animations
Floor Pillows* in boho and natural have 6 single and 6 couple animations
Candle comes in a big and small size with flame on / off by touch
Lantern in 2 designs, parallel and counterpart,
both versions come in 5 colors with light on / off by touch
Torch with moving flame
Floor  - simple plank floor
Pineapple drink with straws and kiwi
Coconut drink with straws and paper umbrella

100% original Mesh + Material | modify + transfer | 1-17 Li
50L$ per play 
 (scripts and animations - transfer only)
 [On The Beach] Reward
The 25 plays Reward, is this awesome Beach Shelter.
It fits perfectly to the Gacha.
Exclusive and only available at the Arcade from June 1st - 30th.

Beach Shelter with 3 texture options, grey, beige and rainbow.
Plank floor
Floor Pillows with 6 single and 6 couple animations
Cushion with pompoms and 6 single animations
Colorful Paper lanterns in 2 styles, light on / off by touch
100% original Mesh + Material | modify + copy | 23 Li total
 (scripts and animations - copy only)
Happy Gacha-ing at The Arcade


Dragonflies and Mossy Stones

For my Favorite Friday of the Month, or as it is really called - 
Fifty Linden Friday, I have some lovely garden must-haves.

[Dragonfly] Bird Bath

Bird Bath with Dragonflies
stone embossed ornaments
in dark and light stone
5 Li each

[Stony] Stepping Stones . mossy

6 presets - 5 stones arranged differently and
5 different stones separately
presets: semi circle, line, S, corner, L, random
all stones in light and heavy moss
 1-2 Li each

100% original Mesh + Material 
copy + modify (scripts - copy only)