Warm and cozy

The days are shorter and it's getting colder outside, just the right time to sit with a warm oven. But where to put all that firewood?
I have practical and nice solution!

And for today's FLF this items are available for only 50L$ each!

[Victor] Firewood Storage Bench
with 8 single animations
pillow and firewood - 1 Li

To make it even cozier,
lighten up the place with this romantic candle.

[Branch wrapped] Candle
candle with twigs wrapped around, held together by a cord
3 sizes - flame on / off by touch - 1 Li each  

100% original Mesh + Material | copy + modify
(scripts and animations copy only)

get it at Sway's
A perfect addition to this items is the wood burning stove.


Enchanted & Magical

This round of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival 
is enchanted and magical!

[Magic Potion]
7 to collect, 2 rares
Love Elixir* - ingredients: cupid tears and first kisses
Invisibility Potion
 ingredients: blue rainbow pigment, fire sparkle and 1 twirl of a fluffy cloud
Revenge Brew 
ingredients: hair of an avenging angel, bat breath and snake blood
Strength Serum
 ingredients: dragon flames, rock dust and 2 drops of Samson sweat
Wealth Potion
 ingredients: diamond dust, glitter serum and magic drops
Unknown Brew- ingredients: unknown
Jar with Eyeballs* - ingredients: eyeballs

 100% original Mesh | Material | 1 Li | modify + transfer
(scripts  - transfer only )
50 L$ per play  | *rare
[Enchanted Branch] Furniture

7 to collect, 2 rares
Throne* with 6 animations and 5 fabric options (2Li)
Curtain with 5 fabric options (8Li)
Shelf (2Li)
Stool with 3 animations (1Li)
Lantern with candle flame on / off by touch (2Li)
Table (2Li)
Bench* with 6 animations for up to 3 avatars and 5 fabric options (4Li)

 100% original Mesh | Material | 1-8 Li | modify + transfer
(scripts and animations  - transfer only )
50 L$ per play | *rare
visit Fantasy Gacha Carnival and happy gacha-ing 


The Challenge has started some days ago. This month the Theme is Mediterranean.
Maybe you recognize this items from summer. I thought it fits so well to this theme, that I made brand new textures for it.

[Alice] covered Garden Bench . mediterranean

Bench with 9 single, 6 friends and 3 couple animations - 2 Li
pillows and blanket with 3 texture options
book and tea decoration - 1 Li
[Alice] Topiary . mediterranean 

4 different styles
4 texture options per pot - 1 Li each

100% original Mesh + Material | copy + modify
(scripts and animations copy only)
25% off for the duration of the event
only at Sway's


Tied up

This month the theme at Uber is macabre
I had a bunch of ideas but nothing seemed to be the right. 
So my Mom, yes, you read right, my Mom came up with this.
It was a coincidence that I told her about the theme I had to work on and after a while she called me to tell me about her idea. I just liked it from the beginning and I told here I will blog that it was her idea.
So if you don't like it... complain to my Mother ;)

[Tied up] Chair

upright chair with cut up ropes, clean and with blood splatter and blood puddles
with 17 single animations (2Li)
Chair fallen
overturned chair with cut up ropes, clean and with blood splatter and blood puddles (2Li)
Knife - clean kitchen knife and knife with blood splatter (1Li)
separate blood puddles

available in 3 sets: clean, bloody and clean & bloody (all together)

100% original Mesh + Material | copy + modify | Land impact 5
(scripts and animations copy only)

visit Uber


Hay bales with pumpkins

It's the Neighbourhood time.
This weekend with Hay bales and Pumpkins 

12 single and friends animations
and 8 couple animations

100% original Mesh + Material | copy + modify | 1 Li
(scriptsand animations copy only)
visit Sway's