Dragonflies and Mossy Stones

For my Favorite Friday of the Month, or as it is really called - 
Fifty Linden Friday, I have some lovely garden must-haves.

[Dragonfly] Bird Bath

Bird Bath with Dragonflies
stone embossed ornaments
in dark and light stone
5 Li each

[Stony] Stepping Stones . mossy

6 presets - 5 stones arranged differently and
5 different stones separately
presets: semi circle, line, S, corner, L, random
all stones in light and heavy moss
 1-2 Li each

100% original Mesh + Material 
copy + modify (scripts - copy only)


Fantasy Garden

The time is Whimsical again ;)
For this round I have some very special Stepping Stones for you and your Fantasy garden.. and your regular garden or any other place you need some playful.

[Fantasy Garden] Stepping Stones

Stepping stones in flower, leaves, animal and heart shapes.
10 to collect | no rares | 50L$ per play 
1-2 Li each
100% original Mesh + Material | modify + transfer  
Happy Gacha-ing at Whimsical!


Roll with me...

... to the Rewind event.
This time the theme is 80's Roller Rink

[Roller Skates] Wall Art

High detailed 3D wall art with roller skates and
words out of shoelaces.

9 to collect - 1 rare (rare with texture change)
100% original Mesh + Material | modify + transfer
1-4 Li | rare 7 Li | 50L$ per play 
 (scripts - transfer only)


Candles and Art

Happy Friday everybody.
Out for FLF are 2 brand new and cute items.

[Intertwine] Candleholder

intertwined metal candle holder in 3 different shapes,
each with 8 texture options
white (tintable) candles - flame on / off by touch
2-3 Li

[Spring] 3-piece canvas

canvas art - 3 designs: birds, owl and rain
1 Li each

100% original Mesh + Material 
copy + modify (scripts - copy only)


Rainy Day

What better than read a good book and have a hot beverage when it's pouring outside...
For this round of TLC I have a wonderful new set for you.

[Andrea] Rainy Day
Armchair with Pillow
12 single animations, book props
5 Chair colors with 9 pillow options
Side table with Books,  Glasses and Coffee Mug
Empty Side Table

Table Lamp
5 base colors with 6 shade options
light on / off by touching the light bulb

Wall Art
4 rainy day quotes in wooden frame
each big and small

Available as Set and separately
100% original Mesh + Material | 12 Li total
copy + modify
(scripts and animations - copy only)