Mix - Summer Sale

It's August, the perfect month to be at the beach or in the garden, enjoying the weather. At least when you are on the northern hemisphere, but in SL it makes no difference, you can enjoy the summer anytime!

So why not enjoy it with a little summer sale at Sway's for Mix!
50% - 75% off

[Tom] Raft

with 16 animations for uo to two
pillows with 5 texture options
static and rotating version included
jar with candle and ribbon
3 colors included
raft 3 Li | jar with candle 1 Li 
[Dreamer] garden Lounger . ocean & petal

garden lounger with canopy and lantern (flame on / off by touch)
with 14 single animations
and magazine for decoration
lounger 8 Li | magazine 1 Li 

 100% original Mesh + Material | copy + modify



Drinking Jars

Yay for Friday!
But before I wish you all a happy weekend I have something refreshing for this week's Fifty Linden Friday.

[Summer] Drinking Jars

with Ice cubes, slices of lemon and lime and drinking straws
1 Li each
 100% original Mesh + Material | copy + modify

get it at Sway's


Wayward Carnival

The Wayward Carnival has opened its doors. No worries, you don't need a ticket, just the LM ;)

We all are enjoying the summer in the garden or at the beach. No matter where you are I just have the right seating for you and your friends. Btw, it also looks good indoors.

[Ines] Canopy Sofa

Wicker sofa with canopy and pillows

12 single / freinds animations for up to 2 avatars
8 couple animations
Adult version + 8 adult animations

5 texture options for mattress, pillows and canopy

100% original Mesh + Material | copy + modify | Li 10
(scripts and animations copy only)



A new event is starting today and I am sure you will love it!
It's called Mix and for it's first round I have
an exclusive item for you.

It's limited! Available only for Mix July 2015 at Sway's

 Sway's [Filis] . B&W

Chairs A and B each with different animations
12 single and 7 couple
6 texture options

Paper ball Lamps
trio, single big and single small
light on / off by touch

Table black and white & Magazine

Tulips in black and white vase
yellow, pink, red, purple and colorful

Available as set and separately.

100% original Mesh + Material | copy + modify  | 16Li 



celebrate love

A special gift for a special occasion!

[LGBT Heart] floor cushion

with 5 couple animations
and 5 friends / single animations
for up to 2 avatars

100% original Mesh + Material | copy + modify | Li 2
(scripts and animations copy only)
only at Sway's