A new event is starting today and I am sure you will love it!
It's called Mix and for it's first round I have
an exclusive item for you.

It's limited! Available only for Mix July 2015 at Sway's

 Sway's [Filis] . B&W

Chairs A and B each with different animations
12 single and 7 couple
6 texture options

Paper ball Lamps
trio, single big and single small
light on / off by touch

Table black and white & Magazine

Tulips in black and white vase
yellow, pink, red, purple and colorful

Available as set and separately.

100% original Mesh + Material | copy + modify  | 16Li 



celebrate love

A special gift for a special occasion!

[LGBT Heart] floor cushion

with 5 couple animations
and 5 friends / single animations
for up to 2 avatars

100% original Mesh + Material | copy + modify | Li 2
(scripts and animations copy only)
only at Sway's 



A new round at Uber with the theme Rustic just started and what's better than a campfire to sit together with friends and enjoy a sausage or yummy marshmallows.

[Walden] Campfire Set

Campfire 3 Li 
Stone framed campfire with fire crackling sound

Log 2 Li 
with and without pillows
14 single / friends animations
10 couple animations
4 texture options for pillows

Stump 1 Li
with and without pillow
16 single animations
4 texture options for pillow

Coffee Pot & Mug 1 Li
in red, blue, green and yellow
Wood stick with marshmallow and sausage 1 Li
(decoration and prop)

100% original Mesh + Material | copy + modify | Li 12
(scripts and animations copy only)


Coat Rack & Stool

It's my favorite Friday of the month! Fifty Linden Friday.
Today I have 2 cute and nautical themed items for you.

[Whale] Coatrack

decent and shabby
empty and with cloth & hat
4 texture options
1/2 Li

[Ahoy] Stool

 with 12 animations
10 texture options
2 Li

 100% original Mesh + Material | copy + modify
(scripts and animations copy only)

get it at Sway's



not just some plain rowboat... no, this is a very special one.
It's a bench! For you to relax, hang out with friends 
or your beloved.

[Rowboat] Bench

available in 3 designs: natural dark, natural light and nautical
all come with 20 single and friends animations for up to 2 avatars
and 10 couple animations
6 texture options for pillows
100% original Mesh + Material | copy + modify | Land impact 5
(scripts and animations copy only)
Get it at LTD The Event

As always this item is available at Sway's main store and the Marketplace after the event.