Tied up

This month the theme at Uber is macabre
I had a bunch of ideas but nothing seemed to be the right. 
So my Mom, yes, you read right, my Mom came up with this.
It was a coincidence that I told her about the theme I had to work on and after a while she called me to tell me about her idea. I just liked it from the beginning and I told here I will blog that it was her idea.
So if you don't like it... complain to my Mother ;)

[Tied up] Chair

upright chair with cut up ropes, clean and with blood splatter and blood puddles
with 17 single animations (2Li)
Chair fallen
overturned chair with cut up ropes, clean and with blood splatter and blood puddles (2Li)
Knife - clean kitchen knife and knife with blood splatter (1Li)
separate blood puddles

available in 3 sets: clean, bloody and clean & bloody (all together)

100% original Mesh + Material | copy + modify | Land impact 5
(scripts and animations copy only)

visit Uber


Hay bales with pumpkins

It's the Neighbourhood time.
This weekend with Hay bales and Pumpkins 

12 single and friends animations
and 8 couple animations

100% original Mesh + Material | copy + modify | 1 Li
(scriptsand animations copy only)
visit Sway's


Wood burning stove

The Liaison Collaborative - TLC has started today
this month it's 'Creators Choice'
and I have chosen to make something
to keep you warm on the colder days.
[Victor] wood burning stove

Stove with crackling fire (3 Li)
comes with floor and without

Basket with firewood and little pile of firewood
separate floor included (1 Li each)

available colors: coal, chestnut, forest, brick, midnight and sand
100% original Mesh + Material | copy + modify  | 5 Li as shown
(scripts copy only)



I put out a Little Autumn market with some Autumn and Halloween items at the meadow at the landing point.
You can find there new and last years items for the
spooky and colorful season.
All non mesh items are up to 70% off 
AND... there is also a special free gift waiting
[Boo!] ghost
hug it and sit on it :)

get yours at Sway's

So many of you asked me where the older items from Sway's are and if the are still available.
some are at the Marketplace, some are at the discount area.



The Mystic Realms Fair has opened its doors.
My items for this wonderful event are for your garden, park, forest or any other outdoor location

[Wishing Well] Well & Bucket
comes with 10 single / friends animations and 8 couple animations
with bucket on edge and hanging bucket
single bucket included as well.

[Bygone] Street Lantern
standing and wall version
light on / off by touch manually
and automatic turns on by SL night

[Stony] step stones
3 presets - 5 stones arranged differently
create you own path
from October 10th - 26th