Snow Friends

*sings* do you want to build a Snowfriend....
to the December round of the Arcade Gacha are coming a bunch of lovely, cute and cheeky but adorable Snow Friends from Sway's

[Snow Friend]

12 to collect: 10 common, 2 rares*
 all my flakes . upside down . I'm happy . present . I'm melting
assembly required* and building kit*
100% original Mesh + Material | modify + transfer | 2-4 Li
50L$ per play 
 The Arcade Gacha Event - December 1st - 31th 2015
get your Snow Friend at The Arcade 

Advent Calendar - gift #01

Advent Calendar - gift #01

Photo holder . Snowflake
for 4 of your pictures
1 Land impact

Maybe some of you remember this gift from last year. So many of you asked me for it, that I decided to make this one exception.


Mix exclusive

Two exclusive versions of the leather lounger
for the December round of Mix.
It's limited! Available only for Mix December 2015 at Sway's
[Katya] Chaise lounge
frozen &  hohoho

available as PG and Adult versions

buttoned leather lounger with pillows and blanket

20 single and friends animations (for up to 2 avatars)
10 couple animations - Adult version + 10 adult animations

3 texture options for each
100% original Mesh + Material | copy + modify  | 5Li 

Advent Calendar 2015

The 9th SwayLand Advent Calendar is starting on December 1st. 

I am so happy to make this every year for you and I hope you enjoy the hunting, the gifts and the pre-Christmas time at SwayLand.

If you do not celebrate Christmas I wish you a wonderful winter time (or summer, if you're on the southern hemisphere, and hope you will too enjoy the gifts in the Advent Calendar :)

from December 1st - 24th 2015 

24 days, 24 gifts

 This year it works a little different. 

• At Sway's, near the Landing point you find a stack of giftboxes, the 2015 Advent Calendar. Please touch one of the signs to receive a folder with a HUD and information. (Sway's Advent Calendar 2015 - HUD)

• Please wear the HUD and go hunting for Christmas Baubles
all around SwayLand 
(Christmas Baubles are only hidden on the region base, not on skyboxes)

• When you find a Bauble touch it and it will appear on your HUD. 
(If it not appears on your HUD move closer to the Bauble and touch again.)

• Once you found a Bauble, it will appear in gold on your HUD with its number. Return to the Advent Calendar, in this case the stack of gift boxes. 
Touch the giftbox with the correct number on the correct day and get your exclusive Sway's Advent Gift!

• All the gifts are COPY ! To avoid lag please take each gift once. You can duplicate it as often as you like.

• Please note that you can only get each Advent Calendar Gift on the right day.
    ( #1 on Dec 1. - #2 on Dec 2. - #3 on Dec 3. ... )
Yes, you can hunt for them whenever you want. Even on the first day and fill your HUD, but you can claim the gift only on the right day.

• If you missed a gift don't worry, all Advent Calendar gifts will be for sale on the following day (and until the end of the year) for a special price.

  Happy hunting and Happy Holidays! ♥ Sway Dench

Sway's - SwayLand 



A lovely event started today, Tannenbaum 
(that's german for fir-tree or Christmas tree)
November 25th - December 25th
from Sway's you will find there some awesome new items and you can meet PineConny there and take them home with you :)

[Oron] Table & Chairs 

Dining Table with drawers, dark and white wood with table runner
 10 texture options for Table runner
Chairs in dark and white wood, each with 12 animations 
available as set and separately

[Oron] Flowerpot Candle

Flowerpot with moss and candle, flame on / off by touch
2 version included, high and low LoD

[PineConny] Ornament

Ornament Gacha
11 cute ornament pine cones to collect - 3 rare

100% original Mesh + Material | copy + modify 
Gacha items transfer + modify
scripts and animations - no modify

after the event this items are available at Sway's