Im working on a new series of Poses
and here is the first Set

promen'Art #1

enjoy :)
Dressed at Sway's



cute and sexy


comes in 10 colors with 3 bow options

Dressed at Sway's



Cocktail Dress

Cuffs with Studs
Collar with and without Tie

Tie with texture changer:
color of the dress, white, black, white stripes and black stripes

Dressed at Sway's



You like the circus? you like the funny clowns?
So you will love the new Cookie Bear!

Cookie Bear 'Clown'

red nose, funny face, biiig shoes, rotating balls and flower...
yes... its a Clown :))

Cookie Bears at Sway's


more flags

You want more flags?
Here they are!

Armchair [more flags] includes 6 Poses and flags form:
Switzerland, Ireland, South Korea, Sweden, Denmark,
Finland, Greece, Australia, Turkey, Brazil

menu controlled texture and pose change

try and buy it at Sway's Home & Hobby

Rubber Ducky

Why just a lil rubber duck in the bath tub?
When you can have a big one for the Pool, Lake or Sea!

Rubber Ducky

2 Rubber Ducks
1 with and 1 without rotation
with 3 Poses and 10 texture options

menu controlled texture and pose change
adjustable for all AV sizes

have fun :)

Home & Hobby at Sway's


Beach Chair

2 Years ago i made a Beach Chair...
and i thought its time for a new and better version :)

Characteristic for the North Sea...
but also very nice on the SL Beach :)

Beach Chair [William]

comes with 6 Poses
and 10 color options

menu controlled color, texture and pose change

Home & Hobby at Sway's



Today i have some special seats for you :)

flags and fun

the Armchair [flags] includes 6 Poses and flags form:
Canada, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Italy,
Costa Rica, USA, UK, Norway and Japan

the Armchair [fun] includes 6 Poses and this funny texture:
Hearts, Meadow, Cupcake, Chess, Stickman,
Sunflower, Plaid, Balloons, Rainbow and Beach

both have a menu controlled texture and pose change

try and buy it at Sway's Home & Hobby



and for your new Umbrella you need some nice Poses...
here they are, the first 6

Umbrell'Art #1

6 Poses (+2 of the poses with fist hands)

black & white Umbrella with 4 options included:
vertical stripes with and without drops
horizontal stripes with and without drops

enjoy... Sway :)

Dressed at Sway's


if its rain, snow or sun...
this is the perfect Umbrella for everything :)

Umbrellas Stripes
vertical and horizontal

two Umbrellas
with and without drops
12 colors
menu controlled texture change

Dressed at Sway's

Sailor Umbrella

a lil accessory for the Sailor in you :)

Umbrella Sailor
yellow, blue and red
with black anchor

with and without drops

this also fits very good to the Jackie Outfit...

Dressed at Sway's