Lazy Sunday

 For Sway's first time at Lazy Sunday

[Christina] Beaded Curtains

Beaded Curtains in 4 designs: Diagonal, Random,
Tapered and Straight
Each Design in 7 texture options:
colorful, green, yellow, red, blue, black and rainbow

100% original Mesh + Material
copy + modify



Minimalist Cabin

 Out for this Weeks FLF

[Morten] Cabin

Minimalist Cabin
Glass front with sliding door
Porch with stairs
Footprint: 15m x 7m
The Morten Cabin has PBR Materials.
If you are not yet using a PBR viewer, don't worry.
The classic textures are still there...
it just looks better in PBR ;)

 [Pohoda] Wicker Chair
2 Chairs, one with blanket and single pillow
and one with 3 pillows
20 single animations
6 texture options

100% original Mesh + Material
copy + modify (scripts + animations copy only)



Lovingly Garden

Out for Wanderlust Weekend are some lovingly items for your outdoor.

[Love] Trellis Pergola

Trellis with ribbons in pink and red
Heart floor
combined and separately

[Roja] Bench
Bench in red and pink
with single and couple animations for up to 2 avatars

100% original Mesh + Material
copy + modify (scripts + animations copy only)


Love Arrow

 A special V.I.P. group gift is out there!

[Mina] Hearts Arrow

Arrow with hanging hearts - decoration

- keep in mind to wear the Sway's VIP group tag -
you are not a Sway's VIP member? join us! 
by touching the sign in the Mainstore or search groups for Sway's VIP

100% original Mesh + Material + PBR
copy + modify
(VIP gift: script is not working with 0, that's why it is set to 1 L$ )