Friends @ Sway's Creations

Pets Paradise, Hydi's Stuff and Dedrie Designs at Sway's Creations Market Place

Pets Paradise:
lovely Pets by Don Bricklin and Deborah DeFarge

Hydi's Stuff:
ventilators by Hydi Loon, more coming soon...

Dedrie Designs:
miscellaneous items by Dedrie Bailey


Sway's Creations - Sim OPENING

Sway's Creations @ SwayLand

new sim - new market place
more Sway's Creations

special SIM-OPENING-GiFT for all visitors


Cookie Bears 'First Love'

cookie bears 'first love'

animated plush teddy bears girl & boy

they come closer
toch with the nose
and he raises his hat

toch for animation on / off


Vegetable Garden

garden set - animation set

- vegetable garden with and without stoneborder:
planted with carrots, tomatoes and lettuce

- one shovel to wear and one shovel for decoration

- wheelbarrow with sit animation

- animations: one animation to work on ground
one animation to shovel (wear the shovel)

- garden hat: sculpted hat with band - menu controlled color change


"LOUISE" Plaid Dress

louise plaid dress

folded kilt flext skirts - all colors
belt with silver / golden buckle
shirt (all layers)
jacket - with sculpted sleeves

colors: blue - red - brown - green - grey

Cookie Bears "Wear me - Bib Overall

cookie bears 'wear me / bib overall'

two plush teddy bears - boy

cookie bears with bib overall, pleaked cap, sneakers and blinking eyes

you can take this cookie bear with you anywhere
- just wear it -

the bear #1 is attached to the left forearm.
the bear #2 is attached to the left hand.