Wooden Cart

Today a little autumn decoration

Wooden Cart [Autumn]

with hay bale and pumpkins
3 poses

Transfer | 12 Prims | 150 L$

for todays Super Bargain Saturday just 60L$

This weeks designers are:


Alphabet Challenge: D

A new week and a new letter

D like Doll

Hair - Truth / Danni Streaked - fire
Head - Surf Co / Bloom Doll - Toonip Bloom
Necklace - DCD /  Alphabet Necklace 'S'
Dress - Jane / sack dress-tweet-delicious
Shoes - Tesla / Diva2 - Rouge
Chair - Sway's / Armchair - Darling leather

read more about the Alphabet Challenge here: 


Bubblegum Weekend #15

It is a while ago that I was running around as a tiny
Today I feel so Poco Loco ;)

And i love this little piggy! oink oink...

Avatar - Loco Pocos / Paula
Hair - Truth
Shirt & Skirt - Tiny Bits
Furniture & Decoration - Tiny Bits
House - Loco Pocos



yes, I know I'm not a blogger.
But sometimes I need a little variety from the daily work.
And when I saw these wonderful avatars of Damien, 
I just had to make pictures.
And I think it's a shame to keep them for myself.
So here they are...

Mermaid Sway

Fins, Tale and Pasties: FATEbecome / Mermaid (Ocean Blue)
Skin: Curio / Petal Frex [Light] Elf2 - BlueBird 1
Hair: Truth / Mylie - champagne
Flower: artilleri  / Hibi hair flower *blue*

Fins, Tale and Pasties: FATEbecome / Mermaid (Pure Silver)
Skin: Curio / Petal Frex [Light] Lustre 2 - Nightfall 1
Hair: Truth / Clementine Streaked - champagne
Flower: artilleri  / Hibi hair flower *white*

Fins, Tale and Pasties: FATEbecome / Mermaid (Frozen Purple)
Skin: Curio / Petal Frex [Light] Elf2 - Sprite 2
Hair: Truth / Kaelyn Streked - champagne
Flower: artilleri  / Hibi hair flower *purple*
 I'm wearing the Mermaid parts with my own
Avatar Shape and Skin,
but you can also wear it as a full Mesh Avatar.
It comes with detachable Hair, AO, Starfish paties and in 7 colors

The only thing missing now is a Mermaid Guy
because it's so lonely on this stone ;)

So... that's it for today
I hope you enjoyed it :)
<3 Sway

if anyone ever reads what i write here?
if so.. leave a comment :) 


Alphabet Challenge: C

A new letter has its turn...

C like Cookie Bear

Skin - Curio / Lovely-Chocolate Peach
Hair - Truth / Claudia
Shirt - Artilleri / Carlita top
Cardigan - Coco / Cardigan on Shoulder
Pants - mon tissu / Denim 1929 Cigarette
Shoes - Akeyo / Chuck HiTop

Campfire, Lounger Comfy and Cookie Bears - Sway's
(Lounger Comfy is a limited edition item for B.UNIQUE, available until september 22nd)

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Pillow... pillows... and one more pillow
here is a stack of Pillows

comes with 10 poses for two
(sit on the ground pillows and touch to change)
relax, enjoy, have fun :))

transfer | 13 prims | 200L$

try and buy it here:
Home&Hobby at Sway's


Photo Contest

Yay, i'm taking part in the PHOTO CONTEST
Sponsored by Opulent Magazine & Avatar Style

Because i love to take Photos
and im really in Pumpkin mood at the moment :)

Here is my Photo for the competition


Photographer and Models: Sway Dench

Skin - Curio
Hair - Truth
Ears - Plastik
Glasses - Reek
Top - Atomic
Knit Jacket - KiiToS
Pants - mon tissu
Boots - Anexx

Skin - Redgrave
Shirt - Reek
Cardigan - Reek
Pants - Last Call
Boots - Reek

Table, Stumps and Decoration - Sway's
Skydome - Turnip's
Trees - Botanical
Mushrooms - Coyura Creation
Ground Fog - Heart
Grass and Log - Zacca

Main Pumpkin: Sway's - Pumpkin Carving Set

...wish me luck :))


Darling & SBS

Brand new release: Armchair [Darling]
(Darling - because i wish i had on of this in RL)

two versions - for now... more coming i promise :)

Patchwork and Leather - both with 7 poses

Transfer | 5 prims | 200L$

JUST FOR TODAYs Super Bargain Saturday 
the Armchair Darling Patchwork is for 60L$ !!!!!!!!

This weeks designers are:


Bubblegum Weekend #14

Today i feel lazy and crazy :P
and of course i'm in the mood for colors :)) 

so, here it is... my lazy, crazy and colorful Bubblegum Weekend photo

Skin - Curio
Hair - Truth
Ears - Plastik
Glasses - Reek
Tounge - RC
Vest - Boom
Top - Atomic
Pants - Mon Tissu
Feet - Maitreya
Armchair - Sway's (release September 17th)


Alphabet Challenge: B

I am a bit late for this blogger challenge.
I try to catch up with...

B like Balloon

Skin - Curio / Lustre 2 - Brandy
Hair - Maitreya / Bo
Dress - Magic Nook / Bon Bon Dress
Shirt - B@R / Lond Minority Blue
Scarf - Sway's / Jackie Bandana
Shoes - Maitreya / Fenzy Banana
on my knee - Reek / Bandaids Polka Dots
i'm sitting on - Sway's / Balloon Bench Fun

read more about the Alphabet Challenge here: 

Alphabet Challenge: A

First i thought this blogger challenge is a funny idea,
to blog just with one letter...
But it's more than just funny....
this way i found some things in my inventory i already believed lost.

Lets start...
A like Apple pie

Skin - Curio / Winter Snow Angel
Ears - Plastik / Animalistik Elven Ears
Hair - Thruth / Adriana
Shirt - Last Call / Alizee Plaid Tank
Pants - artilleri / Johanna highwaist
Shoes - Anexx / Ankle Laceup Boots
Decoration - Sway's / Picnic Table ApplePie
Pose - Sway's / art'S #3/1

read more about the Alphabet Challenge here: 


Sweet Living

Sway's at Home & Garden Market

Special item for 'Sweet Living' at the Home & Garden Market

Chair & Table [Cupcake]

comes with 3 Poses, yummy Cupcakes
3 texture options: blue - cherry, green - plum and pink - strawberry

This item will be available at the Home & Garden Market
for 1 week 
for this time it is 50%off

transfer | 100L$ | 34 prims

Chair: 12 prims - Plate with Cupcakes: 17 prims - Table: 5 prims

(after this time you will find this item at Sway's Home & Hobby for 200L$)

Bubblegum Weekend #13

I love to paint and i love colors
here is my Bubblegum painting for this week ;)

Hair - Truth
Ears - Plastik
Skin - Curio
Glasses - Reek 
Shirt and Pants - Tres Blah
Feet - Maitreya  
Easel and Artist decoration - Sway's
Letters - Reek



Big SALE at Sway's

more than 100 items for sale
up to 75% off !!!

Furniture - Decoration - Hobby sets - Buildings and more...
check it out at Sway's Home & Hobby



Bubblegum Weekend #12

It's sunday... time to relax and be lazy
... but colored ;)

Hair - Truth
Ears - Plastik
Skin - Curio
Shirt - Coco
Pants - mon tissu
Feet - Maitreya
Furniture & Deco - Sway's (Lounger Comfy - limited)

read more about the Bubblegum Weekends


Sidewalk Sale

30% off - for the Nest Sidewalk Sale

Welcome Sign [Birds]
funny Gnomes [decoration]
Garden Chairs & Table [Book]
Memo Board [Window Shutter]
Bird House [no Cats]
Picnic Table [Apple Pie]

check it out! and dont miss the Gatcha at the Nest
have a great time....

Taxi to the Nest


SBS Memo Board

for this week Super Bargain Saturday i made a special version of my new release

Memo Board [Window Shutter] SBS

comes with and without pictures
decorated with Key, Bow and Heart necklace

transfer | 60 L$ | for SBS only


This weeks designers are:

Thistle Homes
{ what next }
nestle my bosom
::Para Designs::
Little Boxes
Haut Monde
Argyle Anonymous

Memo Boards

Memo Board [Window Shutter]

2 styles, both with and without pictures
decorated with Key, Bow and Heart necklace
comes in 12 colors

transfer | 175L$ | 11 prims without pics | 13 prims with pics

Home & Hobby at Sway's

decoration Gnomes

Here they are... the funny Gnomes for decoration

7 funny Gnomes
comes in different size packs - small, medium and large

sizes are:
small: 0,860
medium: 1,400
large: 2,165

transfer | 200L$ | 3 prims each

get them at Home & Hobby at Sway's

the Nest

Labor Day Sidewalk Sale and Gatcha Event
at the NEST

This is going to start at 4pm SLT on September 2nd opened by a great live performance by Winston Ackland! Some of your favourite stores will be providing (new and old) items for sale in a sidewalk sale and a great Gatcha event on The Nest!

Y's HOUSE ● Napoliy ● Turnip's Homes and Stuff ● The Loft ● Bethany Heart ● C&D Designs ● Tatty Soup ● {what next} ● vespertine ● [kusshon] ● Funky Junk ● Mudhoney ● nodari ● north west ● Theosophy ● Second Spaces ● Lisp Bazaar ● Barnesworth Anubis ● Fucifino ● corbin coage ● eklectik Furniture & Decor ● Baffle! ● Croire ● cluttered flowey ● Art Dummy! ● molte bene ● UrbanizeD ● inSight Designs ● bitter vanilla ● Abode ● Adorkable Poses ● *Mary's Little Lamb ● *Comfy Within** ● [[[nocc.]]] ● pointee ● Petticoat Lane ● Crackberry ● Clutter ● meberry ● Ambiance Interactive Furnishings ● Little Boxes ● Sways ● Thistle Homes ● La'Licious ● Dutchie ● elefantu ●

.... and more.



Japanese Wind Bell

My good friends Cross and Noni from PLUTO+ build a wonderful place, a japanese garden.
Here you find wonderful Fu-rin Windbells from differnet designers.

This are mine, hope you like them :)
i will make more as soon as i have some time ...

they rotating and have a lovely sound (on/off by touch)
take a look at PLUTO+

transfer | 50L$