Advent Calendar 2013

☆ SwayLand Advent Calendar 2013 - Gift Hunt ☆

It is a SwayLand tradition, the Advent Calendar!
This year we have again 24 gifts for you
from December 1st - 24th 2013

by Sway's, *nonino* and Zacca

• All over the SwayLand Sim we hid stars. (ground level only)
    Find the stars, touch them and you get a NC with a keyword/password.

• Go to the Advent Calendar and touch the Gift box with the same number,
    follow the instructions.

• Example:
    it's December 1st, search for the star that includes the NC with keyword/password number 1,
    go to the Advent Calendar and touch Gift box #1:
    SwayLand Advent Gift 1: Hello
    SwayLand Advent Gift 1: please tell me the correct password to get the gift 
    SwayLand Advent Gift 1: type /01 'keyword/password'
    type the keyword/password in chat and you get the Advent Gift.

• Please note that you can only get each Advent Calendar Gift on the right day.
    ( #1 on Dec 1. - #2 on Dec 2. - #3 on Dec 3. ... )
if some viewers may not display the whole text, please "Copy and Paste" the keyword/password to get it all!

If you missed a gift don't worry, all Advent Calendar gifts will be for sale on the following day for a special price.

Enjoy the Christmas Time with SwayLand!


☆ SwayLand アドベントカレンダーハント 2013 ☆

開催日 : 12月1日 - 24日(SL時間)
参加ショップ :  Sway's | * nonino * | Zacca

・SwayLand SIM内に隠された24個の星を探しましょう!



<例> 12月1日の場合



SwayLand Advent Gift 1: Hello
SwayLand Advent Gift 1: please tell me the correct password to get the gift
SwayLand Advent Gift 1: type /01 'keyword/password'
(/01 「キーワード/パスワード」とチャット発言してください)




 半角スペースが入ります。(「  」は不要です)


SwayLand のクリスマスを楽しんでください!(´□`*)


Hot-water bottles for The Arcade

YAY! It's time for The Arcade!
For the wintery and cold season I made something to keep you warm and cozy...
Hot-water bottle [Cuddle]

20 hot-water bottles to collect:
argyle, cableknit, chicken, cow*, dots, frog*, gentleman, heart, hottie, kokeshi, lady, meadow, owl*, panda*, penguin*, plaid, rainbow, santa*, skull, snowflake  (*rare)

Mesh + Material | 1 Li | wearable
modify + transfer | 50 L$ per play

The Arcade Gacha Event - December 1st - 31st 2013
get yours here - Sway's at The Arcade


Yin Yang

There's so much going on these days... So I have to blog some of it before it starts, otherwise it would be too much for one day.

Peace on Earth
December 1. 2013 - January 6. 2014

A, or I better say the gridwide hunt.
Last year I was not able to participate and belief me, I am very happy I can be part of it this time! It's a tradition, for me, to take part and make a special item for this occasion.

Bookshelf [Yin Yang] 

Yin Yang - combined and Yin and Yang separate
with decoration and empty

Mesh + Material | Li 1/2 | copy | free

all items are original Mesh.
Visit Sway's


Christmas trees

Christmas trees - natural and colorful

comes in 2 different shapes
with glittering needles in some funky colors, traditional and traditional with snowy tips

colors: silver, gold, pink, red, purple, blue, aqua and black
natural: traditional and snowed

available as individual colors, all color and all natural packs

Mesh + Material | Li 2 | copy + modify | 165L$

all items are original Mesh.
Visit Sway's


VIP gift

A special gift for Sway's V.I.P. group

Photo holder [Reindeer]

wooden reindeer with metal spirals antler
space for 5 pictures

Mesh + Material | Li 1 | copy + modify | 1 L$
(script is not working with 0, thats why it is set to 1 L$ )

all items are original Mesh.
get yours at Sway's VIP lounge
it's the little house with the giftboxes ;)

Visit Sway's

- keep in mind to wear the Sway's VIP group tag -

you are not a Sway's VIP member? join us!
by touching the sign in the Mainstore
or search groups for Sway's VIP



miau, miaow, мя́у , miaou, ニャー or meow... 
we all love the little sweet kitties and their language ;)
This cute cat isn't meowing, it is shining, because it is a lamp.

Lamp [meow]
for Fifty Linden Friday

cat lamps, plugged and unplugged
light on / off by touch

comes in wood, pink and blue

Mesh + Material | Li 1 | copy + modify | 50L$ for FLF 
after the event this item will be in shop for the regular price
all items are original Mesh.
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