Snowy things

Snowy things for this weeks FLF
 [Eira] Fringe Christmas Tree
Fringe Christmas Tree with a single Bauble in a Flower pot
3 Tree options and 5 Bauble options
4 Li

[Ethan] Brick with Hedge Fence & Archway . Snowy
Diverse parts to build your fence
Snowy Brick Pillar, Brick with Hedge short and long,
Curve and Archway
1 - 6 Li

100% original Mesh + Material

copy + modify | Scripts - copy only



Advent Calendar 2018

The traditional SwayLand Advent Calendar 2018
Can you believe this is the 12th year I am doing this?
I hope you are not tired of it...
but how can you get tired of 24 awesome gifts!

Enjoy the Winter and pre-Christmas time at SwayLand.

from December 1st - 24th 2018
• At Sway's near the Landing point you find the Advent Calendar.
Please touch one of the signs to receive a folder
with the HUD and information Notecard.
• Please wear the HUD and go hunting for copper Stars all around SwayLand
(Stars are only hidden on the region base, not on skyboxes)

• When you find a copper Star touch it and it will appear on your HUD.
(If it not appears on your HUD move closer to the Star and touch again.)

• Once you found them all, your HUD is all colorful and there are no more black and white squares. Return to the Advent Calendar. Touch the box with the correct number on the correct day and get your exclusive Sway's Advent Gift!

• All the gifts are COPY ! To avoid lag please take each gift once. You can duplicate it as often as you like.

• Please note that you can only get each Advent Calendar Gift on the right day.
    ( #1 on Dec 1. - #2 on Dec 2. - #3 on Dec 3. ... )
Yes, you can hunt for them whenever you want. Starting now - and fill your HUD, but you can claim the gift only on the right day.

• If you missed a gift don't worry, all Advent Calendar gifts will be for sale on the following day (and until the end of the year) for a special price.

Happy Hunting and Happy Holidays! ♥ Sway Dench


Book Nook

For all the Book lovers and everyone who likes cozy and snuggly places. For this round of Whimsical
[Fela] Book Nook
Book Nook with Pillows, Blanket, Lamp,
tons of Books and other decor

with animations for up to 2 avatars - 34 in the PG
and 46 in the adult version
Picture Frames with quotes and for 3 of your own Photos
Tray with Tea and Cookies
Book props
Light and dark wood options for Book Nook and Frames
3 Pillow / Blanket options
light on / off by touch 

Available as PG and Adult version
100% original Mesh + Material | copy + modify | Li 33
(scripts and animations copy only
Book props - copy and transfer) 


Spotlight - November

Spotlight - November
Sway's SPOTLIGHT is a Mainstore Event at Sway's!

For one month, starting today, one product is in the spotlight.
50% off for Sway's V.I.P. Members
and 15% off for Everbody!
Only for one month. On the 5th of the following month another item will be in the SPOTLIGHT.

Sway's SPOTLIGHT November
 [Infinity] Sofas, Lamp & Wall decor
leather sofa with pillows
brown and black version included
20 single and friends animations
for up to 2 avatars
8 couple animations
floor lamp
light and reflection on/off by touch
Wall decor
moon & stars wall decoration
in silver and gold
100% original Mesh + Material | copy + modify | Li 7
(scripts and animations copy only) 


Circular Bench

For this Round of The Liaison Collaborative
I have a cozy Bench for you!

[Rowan] Circular Bench
Circular- or Tree Bench
with 20 single and 10 couple animations
for up to 4 Avatars
4 wood options: Ebony, Oak, Birch and Rosewood
and 4 Pillow/Blanket texture options
100% original Mesh + Material | copy + modify | Li 17
(scripts and animations copy only) 


Snowy Bridge and Road

Snowy version of the Bridge and Gravel Road
for this Weeks Fifty Linden Friday. 

[Lars] Creek Stone Bridge . Snowy
small creek stone bridge with 6 snowy texture options
dark, medium and light gravel - with heavy and light snow
short and long version included
custom physics
12/14 Li 

[Lars] Unpaved Road . Snowy
unpaved gravel road with 6 snowy texture options
dark, medium and light gravel - with heavy and light snow
short and long version included
custom physics
2/5 Li 

100% original Mesh + Material
copy + modify 
(scripts - copy only)  


Autumn Hangout

a cozy and snuggly Autumn set for the colder days
out now at Gacha Garden!

[Rhea] Autumn Hangout
Gacha | 20 to collect | 2 rares*
Bench with 8 single and 6 couple animations in dark* and light wood
Chair with Blanket with 5 single animations dark and light wood
Chair with Pillows with 5 single animations dark and light wood
Stool with 3 single animations dark and light wood
Table dark and light wood
Basket with Pillows dark and light
Basket with Wood dark and light
Stepping Stones A and B in clean and mossy
  1-23 Li
Seed of Inspiration
[Rhea]  Jug and Mugs with Cocoa
Marshmallows and Cinnamon sticks - with heart pattern
2 Li

Reward for playing the Gacha Machine for 20 times
This is only available at The Gacha Garden and will be retired after the event, as well as the exclusive gift!
 [Rhea] Autumn Hangout . Bunting | Gift
in curved and straight
1 Li each 
100% original Mesh + Material 
Gacha and SOI - transfer + modify | Gift - copy + modify
(scripts and animations - transfer only) 
 Happy Gacha-ing at Gacha Garden