Lamps and Beanbags

Last month I had a Button Floor Lamp for you and I thought a Table lamp would be a nice addition to it. Also some pastel and floral Beanbags. For Today's FLF

[Button] Table lamp

Table Lamp with button heart
4 lamp shade options and 5 button options
light on / off by touching lightbulb
4 Li

[Liz] Beanbag

with 12 single animations
and 6 texture options
2 Li
100% original Mesh + Material 
copy + modify (animations and scripts - copy only)



I must think of spring when I hear the birds chirping.
So here are some adorable Bird homes for this round of Whimsical.


Bird houses in many different styles
11 to collect | 3 rares | 50L$ per play 
each 1 Li except Town with 4 Li
100% original Mesh + Material | modify + transfer  
Happy Gacha-ing at Whimsical!


the 90's

Do you remember the 90's?
oh... I do. I was a teenager and it was a weird time.
So here is an item I always wanted to have in the 90's
and I never got it, until now :)
Exclusive for Rewind: A 90's Throwback
I hope you enjoy!

[Jess] Moon Chair 
wild . plaid . houndstooth

Moon Chair with wicker base and pillow

10 Single and 8 Couple animations
3 texture options for each version

100% original Mesh + Material 
copy + modify | 8 Li
(animations and scripts - copy only)



It's all about LOVE!

[Walden] Cuddle Log with Blanket . hearts
Sway's V.I.P. group gift
Cuddle log with blanket and pillow
for up to 2 avatars
with  8 Single/Friend and 6 Couple animations
- keep in mind to wear the Sway's VIP group tag -
you are not a Sway's VIP member? join us! 
by touching the sign in the Mainstore or search groups for Sway's VIP
100% original Mesh + Material 
copy + modify (animations and scripts - copy only)
(VIP gift: script is not working with 0, that's why it is set to 1 L$ )
get your exclusive Valentine's Day gift at Sway's