Christmas Stocking

Traditional and extraordinary Christmas Stockings for Whimsical.

[Christmas Stocking]

Cowboy, Paw, Traditional, Sock, Ballerina, Elf and Mermaid
100% original Mesh + Material | modify + transfer | 1 - 3 Li
20 to collect | 2 rares | 50L$ per play



Rewind to the 40's!
I enjoyed this theme a lot and I hope you will too :)

[Francis] Telephone Bench Set

Telephone Bench with two working drawers
15 animations, 3 Seat and 8 Pillow texture options
Table Lamp with 8 texture options - light on/off
Notepad with Pen
Available as set and separately (set is 20% off)

[Bell] Rotary Phone

Rotary Phone - Gacha
off-hook and on-hook versions
with ring sound by touch
30 to collect - 6 rares

100% original Mesh + Material
copy + modify / Gacha: transfer + modify
(scripts and animations - copy only / Gacha: scripts transfer only)



first snow

For today's Fifty Linden Friday Sway's has a huge set of snowy stepping stones out and a firewood storage bench.

[Stony] stepping stones . Snowy

stepping stones
6 presets - 5 stones arranged differently
and 5 different stones separately

all stones in 4 snowy options: drift, fresh, frozen and powdered
1/2 Li

[Carl] Firewood Storage Bench

Bench with firewood
8 animations and 6 texture options for pillow
2 Li

100% original Mesh + Material
copy + modify
(scripts and animations - copy only)