Park Bench

Can you believe the last park bench I made, was 2008!? Well it was about time to make a new one. And I thought it fits just perfect for this month theme of The Challenge.

[Walter] Park Bench

comes with 8 single, 10 friends animations (can aslo be used as 20 single animations) and 7 couple animations

2 sets available: 
naturals - light, medium and dark wood
colors - red, blue and green

100% original Mesh + Material | copy + modify | Land impact 2
(scripts and animations copy only)

first week of August - 25% off
only at Sway's



Tomorrow is the start of a great new event I am so excited :)
~ uber ~
theme: Vacation
July 31st - August 29th

here is my item
[Souvenir Jar] beach

Jar filled with beach souvenirs like sand, shells, stones and starfish
greetings tag and removable lid
includes a jar with postcard and without
you can also add your own picture

100% original Mesh + Material | copy + modify | Land impact 1

visit uber



Wild Things

A wonderful summer gacha event is starting today,
Where the Wild Things Are
July 26 - August 10

for this very special gacha event I made some
[Wild Thing] furniture

ShelfSeat.giraffe* with books, plant and 4 single animations - 2Li
Rack.whale* with books and box - 1Li
Lounger.alligator* 4 single and 3 couple animations - 2Li
Stool.jellyfish 4 single animations .berry, aqua and lemon - each 1Li
Lamp.snake light on / off by touch .candy, earth and lime - each 1Li
Stool.elephant 4 single animations .slate, cornflower and aubergine - each 1Li
100% original Mesh | Material | 1/2 Li | modify + transfer
(scripts and animations - transfer only )
50 L$ per play


It's The Dreaming Tree weekend!
This round theme is Daydreamer and I have just the perfect thing for your relaxing dreams in the garden or at the beach.

[Dreamer] garden Lounger

garden lounger with canopy and lantern (flame on / off by touch)
with 14 single animations
and magazine for decoration

available in 4 colors: ocean, petal, meadow and desert

100% original Mesh + Material | copy + modify 
(scripts and animations copy only)
25% off on July 26th + 27th
only at Sway's


more fish

Many of you asked for the fish cushion in other colors,
so here we go.
For this Fifty Linden Friday I have 2 sets of 

[Fish] Cushion

 Floor cushion - with 6 single animations
Hug cushion - wearable (with holding pose)
Decor cushion
set 2 . dots
includes yellow, aqua and black
set 3 . stripe
includes pink, green and black

100% original Mesh + Material | copy + modify | Li 1 each

after the event this item will be in shop for the regular price  


Donut Festival

Donut Festival at Atelier Kreslo!
July 13th - 27th

I have baked some delicious donuts

kitty - caramel and cream
bear - milk chocolate
chick - white chocolate and fruit liquorice
bee - dark chocolate and lemon icing

visit Atelier Kreslo for these and much more donuts!



Sway's Main store at SwayLand was very messy for a few days, but the worst is over and there is a brand new main store with lots to discover.
I also have an exclusive Gacha for you all!

[DreamFloat] hanging bed

9 to collect, 7 common and 2 rares
with 10 single and 3 couple animation
rares with bunting

100% original Mesh | Material | 6/*7 Li | modify + transfer
50 L$ per play



This month I am taking part in the Oneword event.
The word this time is Wonderland.

 I was thinking of cards and of course Alice...

[playing card] step stones*

step stones - spades, diamonds, clubs and hearts
individual step stones in brown and grey
3 presets - 4 stones arranged differently in brown, grey and mixed
1 Li each

[Alice] covered Garden Bench
.cards* .natural .candy

Bench with 9 single, 6 friends and 3 couple animations - 2 Li
pillows and blanket with 3 texture options
book and tea decoration - 1 Li

[Alice] Topiary
.cards* .natural .candy

4 different styles
4 texture options per pot - 1 Li each

* Exclusive at Oneword
100% original Mesh + Material | copy + modify
(scripts and animations copy only)