Easter at Sway's

its time for coloring eggs and decorate for easter
here are some new Animations, Cookie Bears and Decorations for you SL Easter :-)

Easter Egg Coloring - Animation Set

Table, 2 Chairs (texture change menu)
2 Egg Coloring Animations
Basket with Easter Eggs (touch to get Eggs and Paint Brushes)
Egg Carton, Eggs, Color Tubes, Bowls with Color,
Glass with Brushes and Pens, Brushes, Colored Eggs

Cookie Bear 'Easter Egg Coloring' - Girl & Boy

plush teddy bears
with eggs, painting brush and color tubes

EggBunny Trio

3 cute EggBunnies
with color change menu

big Easter Eggs Decoration
2 Styles:
group of 3 colored eggs and pair of easter eggs
with shadow

Marketstand Easter Egg
2 Sculpted Egg halves with 3 shelves
color change menu

hope you like it :-)

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