Catch the Butterfly

It's Hunting time at SwayLand

Catch the Butterfly - Hunt

February 5th - February 19th

by *nonino*, Sway's and Zacca

° Search for the 'SwayLand 'Butterfly''
hidden around the SwayLand Sim, Sway's and PLUTO+.

° When you find one, move fairly close and touch it.
You'll receive a confirmation message
telling you how many you need to find.

° When you have found them all,
return to the SwayLand 'Butterfly Cage' Hunt Starting Place
and touch it to claim your prizes!

A beautiful Skybox from Zacca,
big Windows with Curtains and a wooden Floor.

Furniture Set from *nonino*
comes with Table, Linen Lamp and Light,
Cabinet and Blanket with Pillows.

And from Sway's
a special Heart Dirndl and a Cage Necklace.

Happy Hunting!

Sway's & PLUTO+ at SwayLand

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