Cherry Blossom

We, Cross, Noni and i wanted to make a
special Cherry Blossom Event at SwayLand.

You all know about the serious situation in Japan.

Thats why our big event is canceled.
But i would like to give my Cherry Blossom Items to a special price.
All donated to the Japanese Earthquake Relief ( Red Cross) !

If you like the Items, please buy them. Lets all help Japan.

Lantern [Hanami]
Paper Lanterns in small, medium and large
6 prims / copy / 250 L$

Vase [Cherry Blossom]
12 prims / transfer / 150 L$

Picnic Blanket [Hanami]
with 3 Pillows / 3 Poses
4 prims / transfer / 150 L$

You can find all this items
and also some specials from "Zacca"
under the Cherry Blossom Trees in the Park.

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