Pumpkin Festival

Pumpkin Festival - Treasure Hunt

held in ALBERO and Cioccolata Shopping mall
14:00 SLT Oct. 17 - 8:00 SLT Oct.26

How to enjoy the game:

The presents are hidden in the main stores inside key-word protected boxes.

Start by searching in Cioccolata & ALBERO for boxes with numbers on them.
The boxes hold the key-words. There are 37 boxes in total.

You will see a TP bar in front of each shop which will take you to the main stores.

When you reach the main stores, please search for boxes with the same number as you have. Stand in front of the box you have found and type the key-word into the chat window to get your present.
ex: /03 ciocco (03 is a number on the box)

Happy hunting!

click here for LM

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