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Written by Harmonica Aabye
Monday, 29 September 2008 00:00
Okay, so I know that I just blogged Sway's Creations last week, as part of my New Release article. But, I loved her stuff sooo much, that I felt it was necessary to make her my Designer of the Month! HooooO!

Sway Creations Main Store

Sway Dench invited me to her lovely main shop for a muffin (I can't resist muffins) and an interview.

Sway and I eating muffins and drinking martinis

HarMonica: Thank you so much for allowing me to interview you, Sway...I love your creations and think they are so artistic and fun!

Sway: Thanks very much. I am really delighted to be able to meet you tonight, and I am absolutely happy that you like my stuff!

HarMonica: To start, could you please tell me about your SL company, and how it began?

Sway: At the beginning, I started to build things for my personal use only...because I couldn't afford to buy many things. But then, a lot of my friends liked my stuff, so I build for them too! Then, I decided to open my first shop and sell to everyone.

HarMonica: Thank goodness for friends! They always seem to be encouraging us to press forward and keep us motivated.

Sway: Yes, you are absolutely right about that...where would we be without them!

HarMonica: So tell me, what was the first thing you created in SL?

Sway: Omg...good question. Let me think...the first thing I tried was a chair, but it was a first attempt. I wish I had a picture of it!

HarMonica: Oh, darn! I can only imagine how 'wonderful' it must have looked! *smiles*

Sway: No...it was not pretty at all, you are lucky that you didn't see it! :-)

HarMonica: Do you create in RL as well, or is this a hobbie for you?

Sway: In RL, I am very creative as well. I love working with my hands, painting or taking photographs. But, as a profession, I am a web designer.

Furniture & Animation set Make-Up Table: Table with mirror and lots of decoration: Hair brush, Powder box, Eyeshadow, Lipsticks, Cream jars, Make-up and Face lotion tubes, perfume, vase with flower and picture frame. Make-up Chair with 3 animations: brush hair, applying make-up, looking in mirror.

HarMonica: Wow, so building and creating in SL came quite naturally to you then.

Sway: Yes, sure. But the best thing about SL is creating stuff and meeting a lot of people.

Where do you get your inspiration from...to create?

Sway: mmmm.....let me think...the ideas for my animations come from things I am doing or which I love to do. The idea for my cookiebears are from my RL. In RL, I have 10 small teddy bears. I have now created them here in SL. I hope my ideas will never stop! :)

HarMonica: Awww, how cute! How could anyone resist a teddy bear! : )

Sway and her cute teddy bears

HarMonica: What do you hope to bring to people who purchase and use your creations?

Sway: I hope to give them good vibrations, lots of sunshine, fun and simply a good feeling. But there is another aspect....I want people to buy really good and detailed stuff. You see, it is very important to me that the details are okay and everything works fine.

HarMonica: Yes, that is important, I agree. There's nothing worse than buying something from a store, only to find out it's not what you thought it was or it doesn't work properly. I like how you have prim examples of your designs in your stores....so people can actually see how they wiill look and work.

Sway: Thanks! I think this is very important for people, it's also important for me, if I buy something.

HarMonica: So, one of my favorite things you have created so far, is your beekeeper set. Can you tell me why you chose to make this?

Animation Set Beekeeper: Bee yard, Beehive, table, stool with animation, taste honey pillow, beekeeper hat, honey pots and spoon...smoker with animation.

Sway: I love honey :-)) And the bears also do!

*giggles* What resources and tools do you use to make your brand known in SL?

Sway: Quite soon I will advertise in SecondStyle Magazine...and the best thing is if people like my stuff, they wil tell their friends to come to my shop and buy some things for themselves.

HarMonica: exactly....that is a smart plan, Sway. Word of mouth is the best (and worst, at times) advertising!

Sway: But that's all, I don't use any other type of advertising.

HarMonica: Do you experience any kind of content theft with your creations?

Sway: Thank goodness NO! Not yet, anyway.

HarMonica: Phew! Most of your items take skill to duplicate, so I think most thieves wouldn't attempt it!

Sway: And I dearly hope it will stay that way!

HarMonica: Well, Sway...I think you have such unique and fun items! Is there anything you would like to say to the readers of this blog, besides what we have already discussed?

Sway: Yes....I would like to thank all of my clients, friends and anybody who is helping and supporting me. I am happy to be able to be a part of SL and very proud of being a part of the Costa Rica Sims!

HarMonica: Yay Costa Rica! lol Thank you so much for taking the time to sit with me today, Sway....

Sway's Creations Main Store: Sways Creations (101, 96, 22)
Sway's Creations Costa Rica: La Fortuna 2 (79, 93, 23)

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